Public Todo List

My todo list is public. It’s split into two parts. My personal list, and my work list. It’s updated every hour or so when my machine is running. That script also updates a chart showing the size of the lists over time.

Personal list

Chart showing the size of the personal list over time

(B) Have a brainstorm on the emotional processing +PersonalProjects
(B) Setup the standing orders for the other accounts 
(C) Practice handstands and cartwheels with Nova. 
(C) Work on: Game of House of Books +PersonalProjects
(C) Work on: Migrate old posts over to github pages site. +PersonalProjects
(C) Work on: +PersonalProjects
(C) Write the delores parser:  
(D) 20 Send the memory palace thing to kat and test it. 
(D) Create spreadsheet for local estate agents 
(D) Send something to the grandparent facebook group
(D) Tell kat the July date for Leo party: +PersonalProjects
(D) Improve export of history +PersonalProjects
(D) The Garage is an organised area. +PersonalProjects
(D) Write 10 html comics +PersonalProjects
(D) Work on: +PersonalProjects
(D) Work on: +PersonalProjects
(D) Work on: +PersonalProjects
(D) Work on: +PersonalProjects
(D) Work on: +PersonalProjects
(D) Work on: +PersonalProjects
(D) Work on: +PersonalProjects
(D) Work on: +PersonalProjects
(D) map project:Get up to date with all expenses.  +PersonalProjects
(D) map project: +PersonalProjects
(E) Arrange to see §e:U2FsdGVkX1+CdjDvzorpn6gqbv9OgwzT/wXTpMNKWc4=§
(E) Brainstorm on: food as a character sketch 
(E) Check ranking scripts +Overhead
(E) Check wishlist
(E) Do something genuinely nice for §e:U2FsdGVkX1/jHkQjxS8m0DEs/epwc3SIRl2yYxHMBzc=§ +Family
(E) Empty Joe inbox completely +Overhead   Time:15 
(E) Watch video on cartwheel progression. 
(E) Empty whatsapp and facebook inboxes. +Overhead Time:20 
(E) Find Nova Calendar and put up on her wall properly. 
(E) Give laptop screen a good clean +Overhead
(E) Go thought calendar and find at least one 'thank you's  you *can* make  +Overhead Time:03 
(E) Go through phone and save all of the numbers +Overhead  @phone  Time:08 
(E) Listen to  Randy Pausch Talk +Overhead @phone 
(E) Log weight +Health  Time:02 
(E) Look at list of topics and ring §e:U2FsdGVkX19WbLrOTMYO0bkqz6MOP/OQe8b1WJ4GTb0=§ +Family @phone  Time:35 
(E) Pick four weekend dates outside of term time for group holidays 
(E) Process memeories from childhood in boxes before next Thrusday session. 
(E) Process the 'to put in Evernote' folder and add to database +Overhead Time:10 
(E) Publicly thank someone +Overhead Time:15 
(E) Rewrite 'Silence' goal to be about emotional skill   
(E) Save a nice family memory +Family @phone   Time:03 
(E) Screw keylock box to the wall. 
(E) Send §e:U2FsdGVkX1/72lGetKtb+aA4f5GuVhmjwuldWf83EF4=§ the giff of he liked Time:03 
(E) Set up standing orders for savings goals 
(E) Show Kat your ten year plan - they can't support you if you don't know where you are going. 
(E) TSE +Health Time:04 
(E) Trim nose hair +Health   Time:05 
(E) Update Goodreads with the current book and your progress +Overhead  @phone  Time:05 
(E) Vitamin Tablet +Health   Time:02
(E) Write Moonpig cards for this month +Overhead
(E) brainstorm on what team Kat-Joe looks like.  
(E) process Garage inbox. 
* Google for Vegan bbq ideas. 
Build the outdoor table 
Edit holiday photos. 
Find a place in the memory palace for phonetics. 
Post craigs card back
Remove roofbox 
Remove the ate subscription 
Watch youtube video on fixing hose for drier 

Work list

Chart showing the size of the work list over time

(A) 05 Read Sarah message about Camp deposits and work out next action 
(A) 05 Update the automatically generated Terms of reference about deposits 
(B) 10 Make sure the github issues are in the right columns +Overhead +EQT
(B) 14 Write up all EQT time over the last few week.s  +EQT
(B) 14 www.theopenvoicefactory needs it's own renewal with cerbot 
(B) 02 Send Richard's training video to people who might want to know. 
(B) 30 Merge the OVF branch 
(C) 10 download dropbox to the desktop : +EQT
(C) 15 Read a chapter of GTD book 
(C) 40 Fix IMPS3 bug about individual character pdfs 
(D) 05 Put in the changes for the MATS letter: +EQT
(D) 10 Review Google ads: We spend 80% of our google ads allowance a month. +EQT
(D) 13 File expenses for charity times conference.  +EQT
(D) 20 Read a chapter of Quickbooks book +EQT
(D) 20 Write an email newsletter for trustees on: +EQT
(D) 20 map project:All Employees should have uploaded all changed git code +EQT
(E) 05 Check that everything in the 'in process' box really does have a task+Overhead   +EQT
(E) 10 Backup AWS +EQT
(E) 10 Go through annotations in git book 
(E) 10 Map ovf documentation project. date:2022-05-11
(E) 15 Fix the disabilty blog ranking on
(E) 30 Learn R - produce the scatter diagram in IMPS3
(E) 30 Write a White Water Writers price calculator in Javascript