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Excellent git diagram here: http://justinhileman.info/article/git-pretty/git-pretty.png

03/03/20 14:41 to 17:05, Working on WWW site. +EQT

10/03/20 05:45 to 07:21, Working on memory book

10/03/20 14:15 to 15:53, Working on memory book

11/03/20 06:26 to 08:44, Working on memory book.

I’ve got 53 pages (75 sized for 6 by 9). There’s going to be maybe five pages of diagrams, and another page of references. How much more have I got to write?


  • Completely restructure the opening chapter, cut it down and make it reasonable.
    • Do the list of what we want people to know and understand in the first chapter
  • The types chapter is acutally reasonable okay, might put more in as it grows, but otherwise happy to leave it for now until polish.
  • Linked list needs properly writing. There’s nothing there
  • Arrays also isn’t done. The structure exists but it’s just chat.
  • Classes needs reformatting: a way of properly refering to classes and to have also really worked out a nice way of separating the image from the explanation
  • Trees needs some editing and the images, but the material is mostly there. I feel like it would benefit from some exercises.

In general:

  • Look for definitions and key words: link, mnemonic and put them into the text
    • As part of this work out how we refer to the process ‘lock in’ a memory??
    • Rewrite the opennings to all chapters and start again.

15/03/20 08:17

I want to have 30,000 words at peak so I can edit down. That looks like being a reasonable thing.

Ways of increasing the page count:

  • Diagrams, a diagram for every image/link we have
  • Exercises - a page of exercises at the end of every chapter
  • Introductions and conclusions “This chapter will, this chapter has”
  • Lists of examples
  • Pithy quotes form other people about usefulness
  • Put all the rubbish in the appendixes

15/03/20 08:20

One of the things that will help will be finding a nice way of typesetting the difference between images and the things they refer to.

17/03/20 06:32 to 08:05, Working on memory book:

Started on 12776, ended on 13822

17/03/20 18:11 to 21:47, Memory book

13,822 to 15,348

07/09/20 09:19 to 09:49, Upgrading +EQT emails

So right now I can send mail (to gmail) from joe@equalitytime.co.uk from G-suite -but the autoresponder goes to joeequalitytime@gmail (which should happen)

However, the email “Test Monday” to joe@www goes to joeeqaulity@gmail which is not what I want and might be some problem with DNS propergation.

07/09/20 09:49 to 10:03, +EQT

  • I had planned to only move the www email accounts, but I’ve actually moved the eqt ones as well because I’d already created some eqt ones in Gsuite.

07/09/20 10:03 to 10:39, +EQT

I’ve started the process of pointing the DNS records at the github pages site. It’s sort of working, but there’s a problem with the css?

07/09/20 19:45 19:56, Blooging +EQT

07/09/20 20:51 to 21:06, Blogging +EQT

08/09/20 06:40 to 06:47, Moving blog +EQT

08/09/20 06:47 to 07:09, Working on fixing the WWW site +EQT

08/09/20 07:50 to 08:02, Drawing.

08/09/20 08:03 to 08:53, Doing notes. +EQT

  • Also working out some next steps, as always
  • Also wrote the webmasters question: https://webmasters.stackexchange.com/q/131325/14932

08/09/20 09:12 to 09:20, More fixing notes, more getting on top of everything. +EQT

I like that this way of doing notes is working better. Like, there’s a lot of work that happens when processing the notes and it’s worth doing, particularly in concert with the internet files.

08/09/20 09:21 to 09:33, Thinking about good ways of using log files

08/09/20 09:48 to 10:10, +EQT Timesheet broken

08/09/20 10:38 to 10:48, +EQT fixing WWW site

09/09/20 07:23 to 07:38, Writing up notes

Notes on notes:

  • I’m NOT taking enought.

09/09/20 07:38 to 07:56, Thinking about notes

  • I want A place for them to be stored (that is backed up)
  • I want to write them locally first and then work up.
  • I’m tired.
  • Today I have to do the actual THINGs I’m meant to be doing.
  • But first, let me actually fix the THING.

So where to put this?

  • It’s one big file. I’d like to have it under version control MAYBE? Or MAYBE simply occsaionally backed up. It probably has to live on the server for the timesheet STUFF to work…
  • I could simply paste it into the timesheet…
  • I want it public because that’s what I want.
  • It’s effectively a weblog, so it goes on the personal site. That’s the backup.

09/09/20 07:38 to 07:56, Thinking about notes

I’ve put the main log file in the blog for now. …and While I’m here, I’ll treat myself to moving a post.

09/09/20 07:56, So what’s the next THING on the list.

  • Ah, a problem with doing it locally is that I don’t have an easy way to reach the todo list. Let’s see how we do.

09/09/20 08:09 to 08:12, https://github.com/eQualityTime/Home/issues/105

Sorting out minutes first

09/09/20 08:46 to 09:18, Fixing minutes +EQT

10/09/20 07:07 to 07:50, Starting with Google analytics

  • Notes: Twitter isn’t that healthy, particularly in terms of - unit-per-post.
  • fb is driving most of my links, despitre the fact that I hardly ever post links there.
  • Linkedin is doing suprisingly well, worth keeping going on that.
  • YouTube has it’s own analtics, but it turns out you can put a GA code in there.
  • I haven’t properly set up the analtics for the new WWW site.

10/09/20 07:52 to 07:56, Writing up notes

10/09/20 07:56 to 09:35, Email +EQT

  • I’ve imported signitures and such. I will, in the future, work out mirgrating emails and contacts
  • I’ve imported contacts
  • I’m looking at importing all mail.
    • I think I have to wait 24 hours for mail import.
  • I have one email to write.

10/09/20 10:20 to 10:30, +EQT

  • I have two emails to write.
    • One to the prison. Done
  • 10/09/20 smallest next step: I literally have to read an email.

Okay, the issue is that the SK and bg files don’t convert well with OBF. I’d better convert them and see what happens.

11/09/20 07:00 to 10:36, Working on WWW website

  • Wrote up the article
  • Spent a lot of time getting the allbooksever.csv right.
  • Fixed the jekyll issues

Things left to do:

  • Odre the covers.
  • Push to server
  • Write blog post.

11/09/20 19:48 to 20:16, Photo editing.

There where literally none I liked.

  • There is a ongoing problem with taking photos facing the sun. Lots of shady photos and overexposed backgrounds.

12/09/20 17:10, What do I want for the office?

  • Another monitor (that’s always what I want)
  • A better way of dealing with full screen STUFF.
  • A place for the water butt hat I can reach.
  • A ‘outbox’
  • Clear out a few drawers.
  • A big TV for ‘adult rec room’.
  • Place for brainstorming - big workspace.
  • The mac mini put up.

What do I want ‘to hand’?

13/09/20 14:28 to 14:51, Sorting notes.

  • Deleting Amazon Music
  • Updating jumpcut.
  • Updating the personal website
  • Clearing out the fileless account
  • Processing the log.md
  • Checking the analytics

13/09/20 14:51 to 15:03, Investigating why GA isn’t working the new website. +EQT

  • See https://github.com/eQualityTime/whitewaterwriters-site/issues/1

13/09/20 15:06 to 15:34, Back to clearing out files.

  • Everything except this file is gone.
  • Taking a moment for the Joka reminders.

13/09/20 15:52 to 16:20, Logged into public

  • doing the admin of a new operating system
  • This site https://www.reddit.com/r/youtubegaming/comments/64lprh/creating_stream_highlights_after_stream_ends/ has it that I can easily extract highlights from youtube while leaving the origianl video. Let’s have a look.
  • Interestingly, you can’t make changes for a few hours after you have, say, clipped a few seconds off the front. Does that mean that it’s hard to take multiple highlights from one stream?
  • I haven’t worked out highlights yet, but I did manage a tweet.
  • I’ve labeled a few streams
  • I’ve found the ‘save as new’ option, but it’s a bit scary to use. I can imagine it being a problem.
  • Having reviewed a couple of streams, I think you have to think in terms of individual separate tasks and break them down.

13/09/20 16:31 to 16:37, Clearing out the filespace

  • Included commiting the memory book, but not pushing it before delete. Sigh. My own fault, obviously
  • Now what? Check out the todo list? Crazy talk
  • Crap, the todo list is totally out of date. I’ve been not on top of things at all.

13/09/20 16:42 to 16:50, Working on todos

  • Luton Library is only open for inconvient hours - you have to go in the afternoon.
  • Mostly just getting rid of dead wood
  • Down to 49
  • Begging for a washington run through really.

15/09/20 09:01 to 09:05, +EQT

Sorting out confirmation statment, including removing Seb

15/09/20 09:15 to 09:39, Bloging the new website. +EQT

  • Also putting on facebook and linkedin and messing Richard the information about updating the sheets

16/11/20 08:40 to 10:30, Livesteaming +EQT project reorganisation.

17/09/20 06:06 to 07:35, Email +EQT

  • I’ve asked amazon to extend my credit limit
  • I’m also migrating my old email.

17/09/20 08:01 to 08:30, Proxy project +EQT

Embarrassingly, It turns out we have to have it. I do need to write it up though.

17/09/20 09:33 to 09:53, Trying to work out events again.

17/09/20 15:10 to 15:29,

  • Clear filespace
  • Updating the todo file
  • Updating the gift policy
  • Finding out that Todo won’t work away from server
  • Checking reminders

17/09/20 16:30 to 17:03, blogging.

18/09/20 07:10 to 07:34, Published a blog.

18/09/20 07:34, Back to the list.

18/09/20 07:53, On hold with amazon again.

18/09/20 08:00, And again.

18/09/20 08:26, Okay, what am I going to do today?

  • Done Plank and books

18/09/20 08:40 to 11:15, Working on Book!

  • Did Acknowledgements
  • Read through the first few chapters that are better than I thought
  • I’ve added a tree diagram. It took an hour to get right and I was working off a previous version, but I’m happy I could do the next one better and faster. I hope.
  • Wrote some more on the kaurgh map section
  • Found a decent Venn diagram

18/09/20 15:18 to 16:58, Working on todo.

  • Lots of DIY
  • Reviewing the birthday scoresheet is a little sobering. I’ve got a month to do a lot.
  • Moved a blog post accross

19/09/20 05:58, Hi, how are you doing?

19/09/20 06:10 to 06:24, Reviewing presentations

  • Decided that they should be in a public dropbox folder because that’s easist to edit later
  • Found at that most of them aren’t interesting to look at.

19/09/20 06:24 to 06:46, I’m working on updating my parlimentary tracker

It’s not been working for a while, and it turns out that’s because my clever ‘I’ll get the data from everypolition, was a poor shout’.

I’ve setup a new list of mps names, but now I have to read it. and I’d like to do some proper python testing while I’m there.

19/09/20 08:20 to 09:08, More on Mps

I’m here, let’s look at the tests

19/09/20 09:55 to 10:54, More on Mps

I think what I want is the single page on github.
I’ve stopped the script with a view to improving other parts

19/09/20 15:06 to 15:49, More on Mps

It’s now on Facebook and stuff, asking for comments

hiding log page

20/09/20 07:46 to 07:58, Writing up notes

21/09/20 06:38 to 07:24, Fixing the +EQT timesheet

There’s a script and so on that now works.

21/09/20 07:38 to 09:50, Really attacked the personal todo list

I started with 34 items, but got to about 25. Included some DIY, phone calls, weeding out some doubles, that sort of thing. Was worthwhile. Included reviewing my feedly feeds which was just better than getting information from social media.

21/09/20 10:01 to 10:18, Small baby break

21/09/20 10:38 to 11:05, So what’s the plan for the ML videos?

  • Watch them at the time? (At desk, with Leo?)
  • Have a set of notes?
  • Oh, can I import the notes somewhere?
  • Should I blog it?

22/09/20 07:28 to 08:37, Personal todo list gain

23/09/20 22:09 to 22:30, Late night sprint

  • Sorting Littlefinger
  • Mapping a project

24/09/20 08:22 to 10:08, Email +EQT

25/09/20 07:32 to 11:14, Email again. +EQT

  • Including making a start on the contacts database

25/09/20 15:36 to 16:13, General todo.txt

  • Did some blogging
  • Added reminders

28/09/20 06:33 to 07:28, Writing the ‘the role of a Trustee’ document for +EQT

28/09/20 07:51 to 08:15, Doing the Monday Social Networking

  • Replied to messages
  • Replied to comments
  • Did two vegans of Luton posts.
  • Took exactly an hour. I don’t plan to look again until Thursday

28/09/20 09:06 to 09:16, I’m doing to work out the times taken for my tasks

28/09/20 09:27 to 09:49, Mostly looking at DELORES right now.https://github.com/joereddington/Projects-Private/issues/38

  • Cloned the old python repo but didn’t like it
  • Decided to write something myself
  • Found examples of actual business processing languages
  • Downloaded one to try out.

28/09/20 09:49 to 10:41, Ticking off various todos.

  • Also cutting down the log.md

29/09/20 07:08 to 07:26, Working on todo list

29/09/20 07:26 to 08:05, working on social media calendar per https://github.com/equalitytime/public/issues/107

29/09/20 08:06 to 08:22, children.

29/09/20 08:22 to 09:17, working on +EQT list

  • everything in the list has been checked.
  • lots of notes to follow up added to email list
  • lost of bits added to social media calendar
  • feeling much more relaxed about the whole thing.
  • there’s quite a lot of open funding ideas and a few other bits.
  • going have to be relatively selective about my time.
  • down to 50 tasks by the end of the sprint
  • we called Amazon again, if the credit limit is denied we can apparently appeal.

29/09/20 09:18 to 10:08, Tidying up QuickBooks +EQT

things to do

  • reconciliation between bank and QuickBooks
  • check all bills
  • check cashflow and balance sheet and budgets
  • check invoices

i have

  • reconciled up to 30/6/2020
  • remembered how to do it.

29/09/20 10:08 to 11:09, visitor and finance conversation with kat

29/09/20 11:09 to 11:48, +EQT QuickBooks again

  • I have reconciled with the bank up to year end.
  • I have checked the invoices and found one that i need to chase.
  • I’ve cleared out a bunch of bills that shouldn’t be there.
  • I have found some expenses that i need to put into unity
  • but - i need to check that they (and my wages) didn’t go out in September.
  • internet banking is unavailable

01/10/20 06:26 to 11:10, Processing emails +EQT

01/10/20 11:10, making a cup of tea and having baby

01/10/20 12:49 to 15:06, More email +EQT

  • Including looking at mailchimp

03/10/20 16:39 to 16:58, I’m working out my keyboard

  • Playing with my new keyboard

03/10/20 21:03 to 21:25, I would, however, like to get better at using keyboard only navigation and I am inspired by my new keyboard

  • Playing with my new keyboard.
  • Added an extension that removes cookies

04/10/20 05:06 to 05:36, Clear donwloads folder

  • Clearing files
  • Uploading Nova’s climbing videos
  • Reading up on music project.

04/10/20 05:37 to 06:00, Writing up notes.

04/10/20 06:30 to 06:50, I have Nova now. Fail on the getting STUFF done this morning.

04/10/20 06:54 to 07:02, Checking timesheet +EQT

36 hours in September. I was meant to do… eight hours a week, so, that’s… actually right? Except that I did some of them in October…

04/10/20 07:19 to 07:27, Okay let’s map the reconciliation

  • Open the damn file
  • Work out the last time that the joka spending was moved accross

04/10/20 09:32 to 09:51, Checking Zwifts estimates

  • Turns out it’s fairly accurate and I’m NOT up to the workouts yet.

04/10/20 11:14 to 11:47, Reconciling household accounts

04/10/20 14:20 to 15:07, Sarah call +EQT

Including working out the Dropbox sizes and calling mum about sorting the folders out.

05/10/20 08:00 to 08:11, Getting started +EQT

  • Did sarah’s Dropbox
  • Cleared the downloads folder.
  • Cleared up this file.

05/10/20 08:11 to 08:37, Email. +EQT

05/10/20 09:00 to 09:55, Doing the +EQT bit of faecbook including the social media calendar o

05/10/20 10:54 to 11:40, Emails again +EQT

05/10/20 15:22 to 15:27, Writing up notes.

05/10/20 15:38 to 16:02, Moving a blog over, with spelling and STUFF

  • it’s the Ubuntu one - I’m sort of inspired to start using my laptop for more work and THINGs. It can be a streaming machine without much effort.

05/10/20 19:56 to 20:49, Personal todo list time.

06/10/20 07:49 to 11:33, Working on book

Installing Latex and doing a test creation: the cover turned out to be not ideal.

Wrote some notes that ended up in https://joereddington.github.io/2020/12/19/book-update.html

Nice big jobs

  • Index
  • Fixing the tables
  • Fixing the rest of the references that are pottering around.

06/10/20 14:38 to 15:28, Working on memory book,

  • Ordered a new paper copy

07/10/20 19:31 to 21:04, +EQT meeting

08/10/20 09:36 to 11:44, +EQT email

09/10/20 07:36 to 08:24, Email again now +EQT

We’re going to go until it’s cleaned out. Done-Done with linkedin and j

09/10/20 08:24 to 09:12, Gratitude

(and processing Faceook

09/10/20 09:34, Done, logged out of everything. Oh Strava

11/10/20 05:36 to 06:06, Working on todo.txt

12/10/20 06:49 to 07:42, working on https://github.com/joereddington/Projects-Private/issues/38

12/10/20 07:42 to 08:58, Tiding this file and processing stack

  • Fair amount of faff really. lots could have been trimmed.

12/10/20 09:04 to 10:41, Working on the co-design for that Project that we haven’t named yet. +EQT

This was a really good example of staying with the problem and actually working THINGs out. I’ve got a solution and I’m happy with it, but it involved a lot of dead-ends and blanks

I Solved it! I’m so clever! I’m retroactively forgiving myself all of the twitter time earlier.

12/10/20 15:48 to 16:15, Tiding this file also dealing with contractors and watching kids.

12/10/20 16:22 to 16:33, (A ) buy mouse and pens from amazon so there is a sale +EQT

12/10/20 16:35 to 17:15, Work on Book.

Working on the tree chapter after several false starts

13/10/20 08:58 to 09:04, Tidying up

  • Done downloads
  • Now history

13/10/20 09:04 to 09:30, Messaging about Careers advice

13/10/20 10:00 to 11:16, Meeting +EQT

13/10/20 11:19 to 11:50, +EQT Having an idea about Driving Seat project

13/10/20 13:16 to 13:36, Driving Seat Project +EQT

13/10/20 14:12 to 14:39, Making the deck +EQT

13/10/20 16:50 to 17:12, Finishing Deck +EQT

15/10/20 07:15 to 10:11, +EQT email and NOT equal meeting

15/10/20 10:33 to 11:19, More email and +EQT social media.

16/10/20 08:23 to 08:49, Doing the regeneration of the post.

This is a cool site: https://euangoddard.github.io/clipboard2markdown/

16/10/20 09:36 to 09:59, washington run

16/10/20 09:59 to 11:30, +EQT livestream

16/10/20 15:56 to 16:46, Having a good work through the list.

18/10/20 06:09 to 07:31, Here for book

I did a long awaited review and restoration of the first ten of my memory palace

19/10/20 07:58 to 08:55, working on book

20/10/20 07:52 to 08:44, email time +EQT

  • Interrupted by a quick fixing of a Book camp for Richard

20/10/20 08:53 to 09:28, Carestar

20/10/20 09:28 to 11:05, email +EQT

20/10/20 11:05 to 11:16, taking a break to make websites https +EQT

21/10/20 05:58 to 08:49, big +EQT sprint

  • Emails
  • AGM organisting
  • Freaking myself out with the balance sheet
  • Lots on the NOTequal grant

22/10/20 09:20 to 09:26, Sorting this file.

22/10/20 09:35, Long term goals.

  • I want to complete the book
  • I want to do the cookery course.
  • I want to read all my books.
  • I want, desperately want, to keep to my food plan. How many days has it been? I ate the truffles, so it CAN’T have been that far behind. has it been a week? Oh, yes, I can check
  • I started on the 16th.

22/10/20 09:46 to 11:02, conspiracy paper +EQT and meeting

  • Dan employment
  • Ethics

23/10/20 07:59 to 08:05, Morning. Preparing to go live. +EQT

23/10/20 08:28 to 09:44, Working on https://github.com/eQualityTime/ovfplayer/issues/89 +EQT

and https://github.com/eQualityTime/ovfplayer/issues/135

Created some test files for obz. Was slowed down a lot by not being about to zip files properly again.

https://stackoverflow.com/a/23372210 gave me an answer that worked.

23/10/20 10:36 to 11:29, Book work.

23/10/20 15:23 to 17:03, Book work again

I was about to ask Kat about a section

26/10/20 05:25 to 06:16, Book.

27/10/20 10:05 to 11:40, Working on Quickbooks +EQT

Making the finance forms for trustees Doing the reconciliation because the errors are making the balance sheet look worse than it is.

Need to add in some invoices.

27/10/20 19:36 to 19:50, sending out forms +EQT

28/10/20 21:09 to 21:40, Working on book.

28691 to 29166

30/10/20 08:00 to 08:44, following up on old funding. +EQT

Panicy phone conversation but it was okay.

30/10/20 12:13 to 08:51, Graham died and I’ve been doing the relevent emails.

02/11/20 07:15 to 07:47, +EQT emails

02/11/20 15:34 to 15:59, +EQT emails

03/11/20 06:57 to 08:30, Emails +EQT

  • Including sending out some invoices
  • Fixing some other parts

03/11/20 08:54 to 10:43, Reading the paper for the reading group +EQT

  • small interrupt for call for Mum.

03/11/20 11:02 to 11:55, Reviewing documents for Yvonne +EQT

Files to be available by password only and data encrypted

04/11/20 20:07 to 22:00, +EQT monthly meeting (actually AGM)

06/11/20 08:17, Hello.

06/11/20 08:24 to 08:51, Writing up notes

  • Opening history
  • Working thought.

06/11/20 08:51 to 08:58 to 09:39, Working on Marketing

  • Wrote a draft, make a list of journalists

07/11/20 04:28 to 04:52, The child is asleep, let’s see about being productive.

  • Added to Amazon wishlists
  • Messaged flask people.
  • Worked on blogs to write

07/11/20 04:53 to 05:16, Merging memory book files.

07/11/20 05:16 to 05:40, Editing photos

08/11/20 05:40 to 06:14, Working while Leo sleeps.

  • Notebook
  • Camera lens
  • Asked this question of seasoned advice https://cooking.stackexchange.com/questions/112530/why-is-the-nutrition-information-for-these-two-items-so-different

09/11/20 05:21 to 06:00, writing letters to children.

09/11/20 19:36 to 19:55, Tidying

  • Today was (intentional) terrible for logging, but was reasonable for Getting Things Done.
  • Moving the letter to the folder
  • Where do I put the blog drafts?
    • In the equality time blog.
  • Moving THINGs to the index.

09/11/20 19:55 to 20:05, Todo list rewrite.

I’m working on the todo list - I’ve removed all the priorities, times and contexts and I’m rewriting them anew. It’s a bit of a displacement activity, but it’s helping me gain some clarity.

  • My first sticking point is ‘work on carestar’, but I’m a bit ‘over’ reaching out for the moment.

09/11/20 20:21 to 20:48, Working on Vision.

I’m getting vision to distinguish between public and private projects. I didn’t complete the work because I decided after a while that it wasn’t worth the effort, but I did add a small bit of functionality.

09/11/20 20:53 to 21:04, Back to todo list rewrite.

Completed, down to 17 items. Nice. Time for a break

10/11/20 03:23 to 05:15, Email.+EQT

  • Downgrading goodiebag
  • For the moment, I’m skipping Universal Capture.
  • Did a reddit post
  • Sent timesheet
  • Moved to work inbox ‘proper’ at 4:10
  • Cleared the chaff but there is a lot here.
  • Worked out the finance STUFF that I have to do.
    • Check What invoices came in
    • Raise/fix missing payments.
    • Reconcile with statements
  • 10/11/20 smallest next step: I’m getting statment 41 to check that those transactions are in before getting statements 43 and 44

10/11/20 04:59, Emails to journalists

Sent the first one, now for the rest.

  • 10/11/20 smallest next step: get Francesa files
  • I’ve downloaded transactions from unity and done a reconilation.
  • I’ve used the audit lot to replace a few errors.
  • Mum Is coming back to me with the right amounts to pay HMRC
  • I’ve checked and the prison money hasn’t arrived yet.
    • I’ve set a calendar alert to get back to thme.
  • Next action is to put all of the payments into Unity . Then email someone (Sarah) to pay them

10/11/20 11:30 to 11:37, Writing up.

  • I have to get Nova shortly so NOT doing more accounts now.
  • Message

10/11/20 14:00 to 14:29, Finished reading the paper for this afternoon +EQT

10/11/20 16:00 to 17:29, Paper reading group +EQT

11/11/20 15:00 to 15:40, Call with Charlotte. +EQT

12/11/20 08:40 to 12:30, Conference and conference prep +EQT

Including rewriting a presentation

12/11/20 13:30 to 15:30, Conference +EQT

13/11/20 06:11 to 10:27, Email and banking +EQT

13/11/20 13:26 to 14:24, Checking out an OVF bug +EQT

It definately doesn’t work online throught the website.

13/11/20 14:30 to 15:23, Talking to Rachel about being a trustee +EQT

13/11/20 15:23 to 16:21, More wokring on this OVF bug +EQT

14/11/20 02:56 to 03:41, Finally ticked off the inbox +EQT

15/11/20 07:44 to 08:45, Doing cookery course.

  • Baking soda - if you have ‘too much’ baking soda to react with the acid, it’s probably there to increase browning.
  • Sous vide doens’t only cook meat precisely - it’s got a characteristic ‘edge to edge is the same level of done’ rather than ‘25% of your stake is more done that one want it’
  • The old CTO of microsoft is really interesting.
  • Heat diffiusion constants all turn out to be between like 1.2 and 1.8, and that turns out to be because water has a constant of 1.4 so the L=root(4dt)=root(5.6t) is a good aproximation
  • Rule of thumb - 4 minutes to go one cm. Now, if you have a six cm baked potatoe, then you need, 16 minutes for two, and then an hour for four cm.
  • It would be interesting to compare with the set heating times for oven THINGs

16/11/20 08:40 to 10:32, Livestreaming +EQT work

17/11/20 06:44 to 08:57, Email day! +EQT

17/11/20 15:32 to 14:50, reviewing paper +EQT

18/11/20 07:59 to 08:10, Want to try out the google ad grant . +EQT

18/11/20 15:41 to 15:47, Lets do some rewriting

19/11/20 07:55 to 07:59, Fixing the disability ranking +EQT

I changed the script and it’s running now

19/11/20 08:43 to 08:50, Morning routinue with delores

19/11/20 08:51 to 09:03, Working on repo for watching buffer

  • I’ve created a new git repo https://github.com/joereddington/watching …and I’m testing in on my desktop.
  • I also updated vimrc and pushed version changes to the repo - it might have consequences.
  • Also cleared up the filesystem and the downloads

19/11/20 09:04 to 09:21, Now we tidy this log file. +EQT

  • Including some EQT timesheet STUFF, shoudl probably label this

19/11/20 09:31 to 10:25, Okay it’s a mess in here.

Today I basically practiced ‘working well’, with a list and a log file and relatively few distractions.

There wasn’t much high quality work that got done. What did happen is:

  • Properly looking at the rest of things to do on the book
  • Getting everything tidy and getting macvim and watching working
  • Clearing the todo backlog
  • Investigating the ‘solid colours’ feature of osx
  • adding notes to delores on good ways of working

20/11/20 10:30 to 11:28, Call with Ricahrd +EQT

20/11/20 19:18 to 21:01, Games night

22/11/20 13:30 to 14:24, Call with Sarah +EQT

23/11/20 06:25 to 06:44, Testing the Google Ad Grants +EQT

  • I’ve set up a campaign of $10 a day. Will check back in a week.
  • This search https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-d&q=%22This+payments+account+is+not+billed%22 suggests that we really have got the money.

23/11/20 08:50 to 09:01, Delores

  • Tidying up, checking in on THINGs, generally being on top.
  • Not planning on doing any EQT work today.

23/11/20 09:02 to 09:34, Doing the stack.

  • Messages about funeral
  • Messaging Electriction
  • Clearing whatsapp

23/11/20 09:41 to 11:18, Working on https://github.com/joereddington/Projects-Public/issues/35

  • I’ve temporarily put in a list of tables
  • I’ve made some changes and I’m uploading again to check if I’ve solved the overun
  • Mostly working on the amazon print errors.
    • Moved on to the references
  • I have fixed the print issues!
  • I need to talk to Kat about some of her issues.
  • Did a big chunk of speech writing for the conclusion.

24/11/20 06:40 to 11:01, Email. +EQT

24/11/20 15:37 to 17:00, Paper group paper +EQT

Including reading the paper

25/11/20 10:13 to 10:40, Going to send out meeting requests +EQT

26/11/20 11:05 to 11:14, Tidying up this file

  • And replying to some messages

27/11/20 08:09 to 11:29, Live, working on book

Starting with 30,225 and 168 pages Finishing with 29,734 and 164 pages after three hours solid work.

  • I completed the conclusions chapter
  • I split off and completely rewrote the maintenance chapter
  • I removed the chapter on my memory palace
  • I completed all the proof corrections until page 90.

I’ve got a list of bits to do.

  • Put in all of the paper corrections
  • Put in missing diagrams
  • Fix all the labels and other issues
  • Finish the accounts example
  • Rewrite the ‘putting it together’ chapter
    • Needs introduction and summary
  • Find a tree for yourself.
  • Do another example in the fluffy stuff chapter
    • Kipling’s if.
  • Index? Hardly useful for beta readers.

01/12/20 07:45 to 08:06, Email +EQT

Still doing

03/12/20 08:51 to 10:07, Preping for Not EQual meeting +EQT

03/12/20 20:20 to 20:59, Preping for Not EQual meeting +EQT

04/12/20 05:00 to 06:05, Working on fake people fake news +EQT

07/12/20 13:38 to 13:55, Writing blog. +EQT

12/12/20 13:05 to 13:37, Working on the list.

17/12/20 08:23 to 09:47, Trying to fix the keyboard

Wasted a lot of time on it.

17/12/20 10:56, Let’s think about cookery processes.

If I want to document cookery experiments then I also want to write them up. But, they are likely to be very multimedia, very link based, and should b e done reflectively. That says blog to me. It also means Ishould practice my food photography.

18/12/20 09:18 to 09:23, Setting up email properly on Thunderbird.

  • Also checking timings for games night.
  • It is amazing how much internet history you can generate for simple tasks in a morning.

18/12/20 09:27 to 09:55, Tidying up. and messaging people.

  • Tidy Desk
  • Tidy file.
  • Thinking about the best way of using the log files.

18/12/20 10:56 to 11:02, Leo down, more tidying

  • Completed this file.
  • Decided that files should be properly temporary
    • To the extent that they are edits to the blog, because they should be written properly.
  • I’m going to do a proper example now.

18/12/20 11:09 to 11:30, Working on Sibs draft.

This is quite hard, and they’ve written it in a much less positive way than I would phrase it. It’s also directly linked to me as a person. I have spoken to mum and shared it with her to check that she is okay with the general tone.

18/12/20 11:32, Leo again

  • Also cooking.

18/12/20 12:42 to 13:22, Working on Book https://joereddington.github.io/2020/12/19/book-update.html

18/12/20 16:18 to 16:40, Working on Book https://joereddington.github.io/2020/12/19/book-update.html

19/12/20 05:52 to 06:02, Working on Book (blog post) https://joereddington.github.io/2020/12/19/book-update.html

19/12/20 06:04, Next action is the +EQT reconciliation.

19/12/20 08:05 to 08:32, +EQT

  • We check quickbooks to see when the last inport was.
  • I reconciled up to 31/10/2020 on 10/11/2020
  • That was the last date I uploaded any files according to the audit log.
  • The way I checked that I wouldn’t import transactions multiple times was that I started the reconciliation and checked if any transactions turned up (this is probably good practice anyway.
  • I’ve reconcilled now.
  • Finding out how to sort bills.
  • Okay let me explain this.

Okay Joe, next time you reconcile an account here’s how you do it.

  • Get the paper copy.
  • Optional - tick off the bills (on paper) that should have been paid
  • Start the reconciliation (it will fail), putting in the end date and ending balance.* If there are any transactions to sort out, they should appear, but in general, there shouldn’t be any tranactions to reconcile.
  • Download the month’s figures from Unity and import. Remember to select format before the statment name
  • As you import, tick off the amounts on the bank statement. Make sure that anything that should be a bill, is matched to one.
  • IMPORTANT - double check the bills list and make sure the right THINGs have gone out.
  • Complete reconciliation.

I’ve added these instructions to the calendar

19/12/20 08:50 to 09:03, Drafting for personal social media

23/12/20 10:00 to 10:25, Trying QuickMouse.xcoderpoj +MouseSniper

  • I really want to get the hang of keyboard only darktable.
    • I’m going to need a list then.
  • Maybe the answer is a really programmable keyboard
  • Maybe the answer is that I write my own…
    • This is the python library for:
      • Moving and clicking the mouse: https://pyautogui.readthedocs.io/en/latest/
    • I wrote https://stackoverflow.com/questions/65422713/how-to-use-python-to-show-a-grid-over-my-screen
    • What’s the list….
      • Python to show image
      • Python to take and show screenshot
      • Refresh screenshot on enter
      • click on enter
      • change the grid based on numberpad
      • Python to take and show screenshot with grid
      • Python to take and show screenshot with grid from shortcut

23/12/20 11:58 to 13:45, Working on Mouse-Sniper with Leo (and may interuptions)

  • We have showing of an image,
  • We’re currently installing the screenshot library (took ages)
  • I don’t know if we’ll ever have a system shortcut
  • Installed the `keyboard’ module but ultimately discarded it when I found pyautogui could do the same thing

23/12/20 20:10 to 20:59, Working on Mouse-Sniper

  • While writing a Stack Overflow question I fixed the issue :)
  • This is a good time to try a debugger tho right?
  • Implemented zoom

23/12/20 21:54 to 22:59, Working on Mouse Sniper

  • Lots of rewriting
  • Put it at https://github.com/joereddington/Mouse-Sniper/tree/main and the next action is to write the blog

24/12/20 13:20 to 13:30, Working on Mouse Sniper

For my own personal amusement I try to use the mouse as little as possible during the working day. You could, I suppose, make the argument that it’s more efficient to do everything by keyboard shortcut, and I suppose it is, but it’s far less of an efficiency gain than a hundred other things I could do.

I approach this quite sportingly. I use whatpulse to keep track of the ratio of keystokes to mouseclicks over time, and spend a certain amount of fascinated time looking up obscure shortcut keys of all types.

Professionally, I do also have a general interest in keyboard control of devices from a accessibility perspective, but I should be clear that my main motivation is a general playfulness (I won’t deny that it’s useful to have a good working knowledge of what sites and organisations are good for accessibility, and it feels good to support them) With this motivation, I’m put together a short Python script recently that lets me quickly arrange mouse clicks via the keyboard. It was a nice little project for the Christmas break.

25/12/20 11:09, (and various other times) Working on Mouse Sniper

  • Got the cropping working so it’s a bit faster
  • Did lots of refactoring
  • Fixed bugs
  • used https://anzeljg.github.io/rin2/book2/2405/docs/tkinter/key-names.html Return
  • used https://www.geeksforgeeks.org/python-pil-image-crop-method/

26/12/20 06:11 to 06:33, Doing some quick work with Leo

  • Fixed a bug, updating the readme, rewriting these notes and writing a blog
  • Also changing nappies, that sort of thing
  • Blog written up here:

26/12/20 20:10 to 22:05, Working on Mouse-sniper

  • I think the solution to a hotkey is to use automator, which is a shame for sharing, but still quite fun.

27/12/20 07:54, Hmm, the whatpulse thing is slighlty annoying, The loca

The logical solution is to add a count in my mouse snipe, but that feels like a lot of work for software I’d like to be more broadly used.

It’s also far too early to put it in - as it gets easier to use, it will get used more, and once it’s at the point of being used properly then it will start aquiring click s

28/12/20 09:22 to 10:17, Happily smacking my todo lit.

  • Commit and push
  • Run the script
  • Commit and psuh again
  • Message kat
  • Washington run through.

29/12/20 06:20 to 06:44, stopped to work out the vim dictionary locations

29/12/20 06:38, Dragging is going to be hard with the mouse sniper, unless I store the first click and then have it execute slowly.

  • That does actually sound like a solution

29/12/20 09:01 to 10:28, Doing simplewriter on book

  • Started with 169 pages
  • Reached `Contributions’.
  • Actually finnished with 169 pages as well, that’s funny.

    29/12/20 09:28, We started with 169 pages before this madness

29/12/20 10:13, I have reached the (old) page 17… that’s better than I thought, but we’ll see.

29/12/20 10:28, P20 I have reached ‘contributions’ - that’s actually a solid 90 minutes, time to do something else.

29/12/20 10:34, Okay, I’m looking at my list. I’ve onde at least the firsto ne.

01/01/21 09:37 to 09:39, Good morning. Let’s do this right.

  • I’m working directly from the todo.txt list on https://github.com/joereddington/todo.txt/blob/master/todo.txt
  • First one is done, the second one is… not done. Let’s do an hour on that.

01/01/21 09:40 to 10:13, Working on the memory book

    • 01/01/21 smallest next step: rewrite ‘overview’ (line 300) so that it talks about how the first few chapters help you make some early decisions.

01/01/21 10:14 to 10:59, +EQT email to do.

  • I’ve send the Trustee meeting email.

01/01/21 10:59, What next? More on the memory book? More tidying this file? More onthe todo?

01/01/21 11:00,

Let’s do the todo.

01/01/21 11:29, Got some supplies

01/01/21 11:30, Going to go and see if Nova wants to do boxes and curtains

04/01/21 10:28, Good morning, what are we doing? Bit of DELORES would be good right?

04/01/21 11:06,

  • Started return of light
  • Checked out keyboard shortcuts for darkable
  • Bought new light
  • Sorted out charger for office kindle.

04/01/21 11:41, Better update todo.

06/01/21 07:41 to 08:28, Doing +EQT email.

06/01/21 08:49 to 09:23, Back to +EQT

06/01/21 10:27, Back again

07/01/21 09:00 to 10:13, +EQT meeting with YS and DJ

  • Talk to the Not Equal Funder
  • Valitate Day deadline
  • Sort out emotional risk assessment.

12/01/21 11:17 to 11:49, Doing the media trust. +EQT

13/01/21 19:56 to 20:04, Writing introduction for networking event.

Alright people, let’s do this one last time. My name is Joe Reddington. I was a postdoc and then I was bitten by a radioactive nonprofit. And for the last seven years I’ve been running the one and only eQuality Time.

I’m pretty sure you know the rest. You see I won some grants, lost a lot more, fell in love, worked with a lot of schools, MAYBE too many. Wrote code, worked with researchers, worked without researchers. Made art. Tried therapy, started massively oversharing, had kids, found out about the lockdown while in literal prison FFS, and waved goodbye to our income for 2020, I’m now finding a way back.

13/01/21 20:04, Still here.

14/01/21 07:37 to 08:21, Working on +EQT emails

Clear inbox…

14/01/21 09:12 to 10:02, Meeting with YS and DJ +EQT

14/01/21 10:05, Somenotes on Vimdiff.

The commands are:

]c and [c to move around :diffput and :diffget to make changes

  • I tried :do and :dp but now I’ve read up, I think it should have been dp and do in normal mode rather than command

  • 14/01/21 smallest next step: work out a script/vim THING for new jekyll post

14/01/21 10:09 to 10:14, Trying a script for new posts in https://benjamincongdon.me/blog/2016/03/21/Jekyll-New-Post-Script/

15/01/21 11:40,

This is quite the one liner:

grep “2[0123]:..” history.html sed ‘s/<li> ..:.. //g’ sort uniq -c sort tail -n 30

15/01/21 13:10 to 14:05, Thinking about diet

16/01/21 11:06 to 11:42, Playing with my vim configuration.

17/01/21 13:42 to 13:54, Here to tidy up.

  • Done the public account

17/01/21 14:20 to 14:32, Tidying filesystem on joepublic

17/01/21 16:39 to 16:48, Tidying Filesystem on Laptop.

17/01/21 19:48 to 19:58, Enjoying fixing a git bug.

17/01/21 20:04 to 20:14, Adding a second layer to the grid in mouse snipe.

17/01/21 20:14 to 20:23, Now sorting out the git.

18/01/21 08:37, Getting started.

18/01/21 08:42 to 09:06, (A) 1. Looking for urgent: Check Calendar and reminders and notebooks @singleton +PlanningAndTracking Time:20

18/01/21 09:06 to 09:16, (A) Ring jewelers about return dates

18/01/21 09:18 to 09:18, (B) 10 Check birthday sheet on: https://github.com/joereddington/Projects-Public/issues/41 +PersonalProjects

18/01/21 09:18,(B) 60 1 hour SimpleWriter on book

Seems fair.

18/01/21 09:19, The main question is: where did I get to?

18/01/21 09:21 to 09:40, Hey, you know what, I really want to have a version of simplewriter for vim, which is surely achieveable by switching the dictionary locaiton…

18/01/21 09:40 to 10:12, Writing up notes as a blog post

18/01/21 10:13, It’s NOT done done until I sort the vimrc

18/01/21 10:15 to 10:21, Looking up a EQT bid

  • They want local

18/01/21 10:28 to 10:39, Phone call from mother

18/01/21 10:39 to 11:36, (B) 60 1 hour SimpleWriter on book

  • Starting to wonder if I need another dictionary with more common words
  • Added a citation when I borrowed a line, that’s probably overkill.
  • Got to line 381, feels like I’m really slow. But made it to the second chapter at least
  • I’m thinking that I shouldn’t simplify the language in the imagry, but I should simplify the structure

18/01/21 11:37 to 11:55, Fixing a bug in the simplewriter

18/01/21 13:15 to 15:00, At Lyle’s Crucible

The link is: http://bit.ly/cruciblemiro

Currently watching the vidoes

18/01/21 19:55 to 20:17, Looking at Google Search Console and creating a site map.

I’ve submitted the sitemap but will have to look into it later. Sitemap url is https://joereddington.github.io/sitemap.xml

18/01/21 20:38, Working on list gently

19/01/21 06:39, Emails.

  • Still getting the sitemap error

19/01/21 07:42, Big job for today is the fore applicaiton

19/01/21 09:44 to 11:42, Drafting an application to the fore +EQT

Next action is to:

  • Put the finance information in
  • Email the trustees

20/01/21 07:22 to 08:27, Working on the fore application +EQT

Sent the email - the numbers turned out to be a pain.

20/01/21 08:40, Okay, now what?

21/01/21 06:47 to 06:49, Distraction.

21/01/21 06:49, Processing Calendar.

21/01/21 07:01 to 07:30, Writing decent sized email to the media trust. +EQT

Then some faffing around in vim.

21/01/21 08:16,

I’m going to review the google doc from yesterday

21/01/21 08:22 to 08:40, Working on the Fake People Fake News +EQT

21/01/21 09:00 to 10:31, Meeting with fake news people +EQT

21/01/21 11:32 to 11:53, time for gratidute.

21/01/21 13:37 to 13:45, Writing my Nova routine.

22/01/21 13:45 to 14:28, Turning Mouse-Sniper into an app.

  • All details at today’s blog

22/01/21 14:28 to 14:45, Writing/pushing the blog

  • Also learned how to reference an internal blog

22/01/21 08:45, Working on the Fore Grant again. +EQT

  • This is a useful url: https://drive.google.com/drive/recent
  • I’ve processed the changes from my reviewer
  • Adding pictures.
  • Send to FB

25/01/21 07:47 to 07:59, Submitting the Fore grant files. +EQT

  • Trustee has reviewed, I understand we only have to submit.
  • Getting the link from email took ages, This would have been solved if I’d done a github issue properly.

25/01/21 07:15,

The next THING to do with Mousesniper is to get it to do drags. So I want a system where I store a click, and then hold it down.

Add a keybinding (I like times) that flipped a boolean and stored an x/y Change the click so that they check the boolean (and slowly move)

25/01/21 08:34 to 08:39, Doing some light email +EQT

25/01/21 09:10 to 09:42, Learning about vimdiff

What did I learn?

That using vimdiff in git with the command ‘git mergetool’ opens four windows, and the easiest way to process is to close the middle one and concentrate on getting the top two in sync.

If there is a time the top two aren’t in sync, check it with the bottom one .

Also, I’d really really like to be able to sort entires by time.

25/01/21 10:05 to 10:08, Checking sitemap on joereddington.github.com

There was a problem that the sitemap was only using ‘example.com’ generated urls. I’ve fixed it and put in a new version. It took six days to read the sitemap, so I’m going to put in a note to check next Tuesday

25/01/21 11:08 to 11:58, Meeting and updating tracking code +EQT

Nice chat and then spent some time adding conversion code to the website - I choose emails as a conversion metric, but I should probably have chosen ‘contact us’ as an option.

Later edit: conversion code did actually work

26/01/21 09:12 to 09:23, Checking sitemap

Hey! 48 found urls!
But they aren’t listed on coverage. Maybe best to wait some more.

26/01/21 09:23 to 09:40,

Having some small thinking about markdown images now that I know some vimscript.

Steps are:

  • Take the image
  • Copy the image to a local folder and insert the text.
  • Really what I want is an abrevation that let’s me grab a filetype

I asked a question on vim stack exchange, and the reply was broadly “no”, but pointed out some options in Jekyll

Vim issue was fixed later when tidying up.

26/01/21 09:44 to 10:08, Emails, including time playing with thunderbird.

  • Here’s the list of of shortcuts
  • The reason there was a problem with sending mail was that I hadn’t opened the ‘sent mail’ folder on gmail. I imagine it will work on my laptop again now.
    • Update, it’s going to be annoying syncing the settings between devices.

26/01/21 10:08 to 11:30, +EQT emails

I lost some content from yesterday, this is best guess for +EQT emails (I definitely had a break in the middle)

27/01/21 07:38 to 08:00, Been sorting out signitures FOR 20 MINUTES!

27/01/21 08:02 to 08:15, Personal Emails now.

27/01/21 08:15 to 09:17, +EQT emails now

A lot of that was on the Google Ads. And the rest of was writing follow up emails from the Crucible.

27/01/21 13:21 to 13:51, Tidying this file

…and checking sitemap

  • Checking Sitemap, we’ve gone up to 29 valid files. (but there are 38 posts so…)* Ah, it lists 20 files that have been discovered and are waiting to be indexed. That’s a start.
  • Also Reviewed the inserting of images into this file. I’ve updated the approach and I’m happy with it. Got it closer to 2 minutes, which still feels very long.

27/01/21 13:52 to 14:25, I want to think more about this inserting of images idea.

I think I’ve solved the ‘write markdown to insert the image’ problem, but I don’t believe I’ve fixed the ‘get file into the right place, ideally without a mouse’ problem.

This was interesting to build. I couldn’t get it to call the function I’d created (although I could get the function to run independently)

:command! -nargs=+ -complete=file Joe Insertimage(<f-args>) 

I think the most simple way will be to drag and use the abbreviation. Let it bed in.

27/01/21 14:28, In any case, I should probably do some light blogging.

28/01/21 05:46 to 05:56, faffing for 10 minutes

28/01/21 05:57 to 05:58, Time to look at the actions from last week. +EQT

Turns out I’m on top of that one.

Are we at ‘go public? I think we are…

28/01/21 06:08, New day,

Today I’m focusing on the todolist, and working top to bottom, while also segmenting the videos a bit with good descriptions.

28/01/21 06:14 to 06:35, (A) 1. Looking for urgent: Check Calendar and reminders and notebooks @singleton +PlanningAndTracking Time:20

28/01/21 06:36 to 06:41, (A) Review +EQT todo and put a note in igor

. Put in Igor first in case interrupted. . There’s nothing on fire, but a lot I’d like to to.

28/01/21 06:41 to 06:48, (B) Fix DBS

I investigated this for the enhanced one: https://www.onlinedbschecks.co.uk/dbs-faqs/, but they outsource the check to me, which is hard in a lockdown. Looks like basic check it is.

28/01/21 06:48 to 07:21, (B) Review all projects in github +Overhead https://github.com/users/joereddington/projects/1#card-30279917

Done, and really interesting. There’s lots in there that I want to do, and it feels like a much happier level to work at than the one I’m currently doing.

28/01/21 07:22, Just looking into the editing. (B) One hour simple writer on book https://github.com/joereddington/Projects-Public/issues/35 +PersonalProjects

28/01/21 09:00 to 09:52, +EQT meeting about Fake news

28/01/21 10:19, Been responding to the Small Charity CEO group

28/01/21 10:23 to 11:08, blog post.

Did several, quite happy

28/01/21 11:09, Next todo is measurements forarchitect

28/01/21 11:35 to 11:46, Doing my DBS +EQT

01/02/21 12:55 to 13:13, (A) 10 Set up a paypal buisness acount at https://www.paypal.com/bizsignup/ +EQT @private

I keep running into an unhelpful error message

02/02/21 05:09 to 05:38, Doing email.

02/02/21 05:38 to 07:17, Work +EQT email

02/02/21 07:18 to 07:55, Editing photos to do the gratitude.

Wrote this post: https://joereddington.github.io/2021/02/02/Gratitude.html

02/02/21 08:05 to 08:28, (B) 10 Write down 20 nice things about eating with family. @private

02/02/21 09:38 to 09:48, (C) 15 Add Contact page to White Water Writers @private +EQT

02/02/21 09:58, (E) 03 order book for Kate @private

02/02/21 11:23 to 11:38, Working on https://github.com/joereddington/Projects-Private/issues/166

02/02/21 13:02, I’ve done my linkedin post,

The total amount of streaming was 5 hours 34 minutes, which I worked out with this post: https://webapps.stackexchange.com/a/143119/10707

02/02/21 13:19 to 13:21, Brief look at Watson

  • The important THING is that I work out how submodules work. That’s the major next action.

03/02/21 08:36 to 09:04, Working on Not Equal. +EQT

03/02/21 20:04 to 21:10, Logging in for +EQT meeting

  • Working on paypal while I wait.

04/02/21 07:45, I’m processing a calendar

04/02/21 08:06 to 08:41, Tidying

  • The size of gmail
  • The downloads
  • This file.

04/02/21 08:53, Not going live because everything to make is private.

04/02/21 09:03 to 10:03, what am I avoiding? +EQT

Going through the list and writing the email. Did a draft that was used on Monday the 8th

04/02/21 11:08 to 11:29, Reviewing Nt equal +EQT

  • Ethics took a while
  • We’re checking that we can legit use other countries, or
  • Which bit is most interesting to you.

04/02/21 13:30 to 14:20, +EQT NOT equal meeting

04/02/21 16:00 to 16:50, +EQT NOT equal meeting (With Yvonne and Daniel)


05/02/21 20:18 to 20:42, Gentle doing STUFF

  • Would have been good if I had been copy pasting the done ones into the file.

06/02/21 10:04 to 10:37, Intergrating Watson into homepage

06/02/21 13:41 to 14:01, Intergrating Watson into homepage

  • First action is to learn about submodules
    • Commiting the main (super) project, says “The superproject is linked to the current commit of the subproject” so when updating, you pull the subproject, then commit the superproject.
    • It is possible to merge files back in and preserve history

    Git 2.23 (Q3 2019): if you want to clone and update the submodules to their latest revision:

    git clone –recurse-submodules –remote-submodules

    If you just want to clone them at their recorded SHA1:

    git clone –recurse-submodules

    git submodule init git submodule update

  • I checked watson online - there was nothing to push
  • I added the submodule to my homepage with the following command git submodule add -b dr_wat https://github.com/joereddington/watson/ diary/watson

  • I ran ./watson ../index.md and it failed.
  • I ran tests, they worked, I created a new one for index.md
  • As a distraction, I found out that I could make tag files with

    ctags *.py

  • I cut down the example, and wrote some simplifying test cases.
  • While simplifying I came accross another simple error - the Entry class didn’t check it was being passed a string. I fixed it, and created a test to check.
    • In the process, I learned the python for testing an exception is thrown.
  • Oddly, I couldn’t get the bug to trigger when I imported the code directly. Well that’s strange, it works fine when I don’t use get content…
  • I continued drilling down, I found some print statements that suggested I’d tried this before.
  • I tried altering the function, but other tests failed (this was the second time other tests had caught a problem), eventually I made the constructor ensure that there was always a valid for entry.end
  • I (finally) managed a sucessful rebase - by putting the reword at the top and the squashes below it.
  • After all that, the code is working as I hoped it already was.

06/02/21 15:06 to 15:23, Rewriting this document

08/02/21 06:33 to 07:11, Good morning +EQT

  • I feel like I’ve got a lot of stressy work on today.
  • Okay, I’ve checked the email.
  • Having to sort out zoom rubbish
  • I ended up creating a new account
  • Okay, confirmed meeting with Ian as well (he’s accepted the invite)
  • I’ve reordered. There’s truthfully NOTthat much work.

08/02/21 07:11 to 07:40, Writing ‘hello and welcome’ document for domain experts

08/02/21 07:41 to 08:01, Made a stab at a nondisclosure doucment. It’s on google drive.

08/02/21 08:16 to 08:48, +EQT Checked bank transactions had happened, sorted invoice, broke down risk assessment.

08/02/21 08:50 to 08:55, Okay, so what are the blog titles I need to write? +EQT

  • I’ve put the list in the Google Doc

08/02/21 08:55 to 09:35, +EQT meeting about google grants.

I have some notes to follow up, and I really need to make this into a github issue

08/02/21 09:58 to 10:15, back on it. Doing the influencers.

08/02/21 11:00 to 12:00 On call with funding guy +EQT

  • Also sending the last two messages

09/02/21 07:10 to 08:11, Checking and confirming times with influencers +EQT

  • Including writing a short script for the call.

09/02/21 09:00 to 09:18, Had domain expert call. +EQT

09/02/21 09:18 to 10:08, Getting through some emails. +EQT

09/02/21 10:08 to 10:20, Switching to personal emails

09/02/21 10:20 to 10:33, Domain expert call +EQT

09/02/21 10:33 to 11:12, personal emails again.

09/02/21 11:12 to 11:15, Working on an +EQT google ads issue

09/02/21 11:15 to 11:32, Back to personal emails.

09/02/21 15:07 to 16:00, Working on personal emails

09/02/21 16:00 to 17:00, paper reading group.

  • The paper had a 1000 citations. It was crazy.
  • I had quite a moan.

10/02/21 08:16 to 08:30, preping for talk +EQT

10/02/21 08:30 to 08:54, Talking to domain expert. +EQT

Nice guy, wants to write a book.

10/02/21 08:57 to 09:21, Back to the tidying of this file.

  • Looking into vim folding
    • I added a submodule, then had to remove it, then added a new one, but the removal went wrong somehow.

10/02/21 14:17 to 14:31, Tidying this file.

  • Okay this file is tidy, now to work out the stack

11/02/21 07:05 to 07:23, Getting started.

  • The file is tidy so emails
  • First problem is a build errror
    • When I try Junle serve I get “Could not find mini_portile2-2.5.0 in any of the sources”
    • I’m trying ‘bundle install’
    • Install was fine, now serve is hanging.
    • Okay, it turns out that it’s processing the watson file.
      • I’m looking up excluding files:https://idratherbewriting.com/documentation-theme-jekyll/mydoc_exluding_files.html
      • I’ve added an exclusion to the _config and now it’s building. Time for a push

        11/02/21 07:24, Got another page build error. Sigh.

  • Accoring to https://docs.github.com/en/github/working-with-github-pages/using-submodules-with-github-pages there are problems with submodules. Let me remove it and see what happens.
  • Removing the submodules. I found I had to run the commands: git submodule deinit diary/watson/ git rm diary/watson/

(which editing the .gitmodules file themselves, despite what SE says)

  • I’ve now pushed again.

    11/02/21 07:39, Sigh, page build erorr

  • Okay, that’s all I have time for, the next action is surely :roll back to the last working version.

11/02/21 07:42 to 08:00, Write a blog +EQT

Wrote this: https://equalitytime.co.uk/6493/2021/02/11/new-fake-news-project/

11/02/21 08:00 to 08:34, Personal email

(Also, waiting for a call)

11/02/21 09:00 to 09:49, Fake news +EQT call

11/02/21 10:10 to 10:30, Fakenews +EQT call

11/02/21 10:49, Personal email reviewing

11/02/21 10:56, Going to confirm charity status to reduce fee. +EQT

11/02/21 11:04 to 11:50, Replying to emails +EQT

12/02/21 07:28 to 08:07, Fixing joereddington.github.io

That was interesting.

  • It’s still unclear where the error was, I think it might have been a combination of a problem with a missing image in index.md and a seperate problem with the submodule I added.
  • I used the “git revert HEAD” command to ‘reverse’ the last commit (it appends an extra on on the end) and later I used the command “git revert X” to reverse only commit X. That was awesome.
  • In the end I created a new main branch with only the commits on it that I liked. That was fun.
  • I used the “git cherry-pick c096635” command, which let me grab a single commit from another branch and bang it on the end
  • I’d be willing to try the submodule again.

12/02/21 08:14 to 08:22,

  • I thought this was interesting: https://www.matuzo.at/blog/testing-with-tab/ in the context of keyboard only usage of websites.
    I’ve generally been faffing though. It’s really time for some good gratitude posting!

12/02/21 20:23 to 21:23, Switching to public

15/02/21 08:21 to 08:27, Tidying this file.

16/02/21 08:01 to 08:50, Email day!

16/02/21 08:54 to 09:25, Sorted out a review system. It was silly.

  • It turns out that I haven’t effectively reviewed work emails for a long time

    16/02/21 09:25 to 09:46, Personal Inbox Done

    16/02/21 09:46 to 10:57, working on +EQT inbox.

    16/02/21 15:27 to 17:00, Reading a paper and taking part in the group.

    I’ve written up my notes at ../_posts/2021-02-19-Paper-reading—Layers-of-Silence.markdown

17/02/21 08:04 to 08:38, Just facebook and +faff

18/02/21 07:43 to 08:38, Writing the fear blog +EQT

18/02/21 09:00 to 10:10, Fake news meeting +EQT

18/02/21 11:30 to 12:00, Fake news meeting +EQT with domain expert

19/02/21 05:13 to 05:28, Clearing out Personal Inbox

19/02/21 05:28 to 05:57, Now clearing out work inbox.

Paypal code is 7812

19/02/21 05:57 to 06:30, working on this file.

Which involved:

  • Deciding to write a blog post
    • Wanting to change the colours on an ssh
      • Downloading a new terminal app. Sigh.

28/01/21 07:40 to 08:53, (B) One hour simple writer on book https://github.com/joereddington/Projects-Public/issues/35 +PersonalProjects

  • I have reached the linked list chapter
  • Updating the pdf - I’ve reached page 49 of the text.
  • Let’s do another ten minutes.
  • Got as far as the presidents, nearly the end of the chapter.

28/01/21 20:10 to 21:01, More book

  • Okay, got as far as the knowledge. I think I’m halfway though, but there will be a lot more work in the later chapters.

29/01/21 07:10 to 08:13, More book

I’ve reached ‘you got to here with the indexes

29/01/21 08:17, Accounts section

  • 171 pages? That’s cool. I really though we’d drop 20 in this process. I’m up to 111 of this review as well (although I think there is a lot more work now)
  • Fixed an early bug
  • I’ve fixed the next table Now I need another one beause I have to do the major system THING
  • We’ll do the index when we come to that bit of the pdf

  • 29/01/21 smallest next step: generate the major system keywords for the accounts and keep writing

29/01/21 14:17 to 15:21, More book.

Started by dealing with the footnotes We’re accdientally 175 pages! Now to commit

29/01/21 19:39 to 20:18, Back again.

  • 29/01/21 smallest next step: Rewriting the Accounts example from the start.
  • Going to go through looking for caption/lable order problems
  • Also going through looking for undefined references
  • In future will need to sort citations.
  • Back to rewriting.

29/01/21 20:32 to 21:17,Book

  • I’m rewriting the accounts example
  • The class examples need two clear blank lines between them
  • Something has gone wrong with spelling :(
  • 29/01/21 smallest next step: do work on summary, need to make sure those bits are in the main chapter

30/01/21 12:53 to 13:24, Book. Working on summary

Working on the bullet point lines. I decided to go with all captials, all full stops (unless they are sentence fragments or word lists and to hell with the colon for the start (^.{12}\d\d:\d\d).*, is apparently the search I’m using but I think it’s

/\item.*[^.]$ to find all the lines without full stops.

30/01/21 14:56 to 15:41, Book again

  • Done the bullets
  • Completed classes entirely
  • Rewrote the start of Trees

We should note - there might be so much to rewrite from this point forward that it would be worth doing another simplewriter from the Trees Chapter onwards.

30/01/21 19:33, Back again

30/01/21 19:34, Oh wow - I wrote most of the tree chapter before the class chapter and it really shows. I’ve changed a lot of the terms and methods.

30/01/21 19:51, I think I need to build this example properly.

But it’s two people per node.

I need each of the people to be linked to a country, and be linked to another countiry.

30/01/21 20:01, Let’s do it myself.

Couples. No, film antagonists. I have them murder a character from a previosu film

France beat croatia \link Da Vinci Code, tom hanks is made of bagets and the monk is very proud of his cravat

31/01/21 13:04 to 14:29, I’m back. Let’s try this from the top.

  • Learning about Cntl-O in vim insert mode, it’s quite the key saver
  • Started a major rewrite, almost from scratch, of the first example in the tree chapter. I feel like I’m going to be here for a while.

I think I want a bit of a break, but what’s the next action.

Next action is start again with the wriing at line 2010. This one is a slog.

01/02/21 06:50,

Ten thousand facebook hits feels like a lot. A lot.

01/02/21 07:17 to 08:01, Delores

  • Now doing the notebooks and the reminders
  • Hey, found some urgent STUFF.
  • Now notebook, which was empty. Cool

01/02/21 08:12 to 11:34, today I’d like to do a ‘washington run through’ which means I touch every time before I stop at… 11:30.

  • Didn’t manage it, but did a really solid morning of ticking bits off. Lots got moved forward, lots got done, lots of STUFF got dumped.

12/02/21 20:38 to 21:23, Memory book.

It’s been almost two weeks since I worked on this. Going to have to probably start from the start of the tree chapter again

Just rewriting from the start

12/02/21 21:23,

This chapter is hard. Make it more honest: I don’t use this for family trees, and I suggest you don’t because I don’t know which of these are siblings, but I can make a point about balanced trees.

16/02/21 08:01 to 08:50, Email day!

16/02/21 08:54 to 09:25, Sorted out a review system. It was silly.

  • It turns out that I haven’t effectively reviewed work emails for a long time

    16/02/21 09:25 to 09:46, Personal Inbox Done

    16/02/21 09:46 to 10:57, working on +EQT inbox.

    16/02/21 15:27 to 17:00, Reading a paper and taking part in the group.

    I’ve written up my notes at ../_posts/2021-02-19-Paper-reading—Layers-of-Silence.markdown

17/02/21 08:04 to 08:38, Just facebook and +faff

18/02/21 07:43 to 08:38, Writing the fear blog +EQT

18/02/21 09:00 to 10:10, Fake news meeting +EQT

18/02/21 11:30 to 12:00, Fake news meeting +EQT with domain expert

19/02/21 05:13 to 05:28, Clearing out Personal Inbox

19/02/21 05:28 to 05:57, Now clearing out work inbox.

19/02/21 05:57 to 06:30, working on this file.

Which involved:

  • Deciding to write a blog post
    • Wanting to change the colours on an ssh
      • Downloading a new terminal app. Sigh.

19/02/21 08:22 to 08:55, Live working on memory book book.

I believe I’ve solved the first example.
I’m still missing a couple of good examples, particularly around sorting. I might do years.
Years of books? Create a tree with the years that fictional books are set in. What is the point? Simple to construct, relatively easy to write out a list of ‘nearby’ dates (split long books into several parts)

  • Disadvantaces (hard to search by film, hard to check something is already in (no it isn’t!)
  • Oh, means that you can keep adding questions.
  • Walking the path is good context.
  • Can include biographies, films, and some history books. Yes, I think this might be a goer.

I’ve done the big thinking. I want an example that is ‘years of historical fiction books’ I want an example that is ‘inventions arranged in a tree’ (subclasses still work)

That gives me two more examples for a:

  • Introduction example
  • Sorting example
    • Invention sorting example.
  • Decision Tree example

That’s probably enough.

19/02/21 10:19 to 10:27, Clearing up my git repos

  • You can use ‘git stash clear’ to clear stashes
  • I’ve also been setting upstreams and STUFFj k:w
  • Okay, the git is all nicely organised, that’s nice.

I would be nice to do some Mouse Sniper work. That starts by putting the mouse in the box and finding the first THING I have a problem with.

19/02/21 10:35 to 11:12, (E) Write a python script for ‘commands in this time window’

19/02/21 10:35, git clone http://github.com/joereddington/watson 19/02/21 10:58, pip3 install icalendar

  • Converted to python3
  • SE pointed out that I should read the .bash_history rather than the output of the history command.
  • Had the wrong branch for a while and tests were failing. This might be a nice way of doing this.

19/02/21 14:10 to 14:59, Working on the new watson

I’ve discovered the annoying fact that this WON’T work on public because I didn’t set up the history problems

20/02/21 16:14 to 16:26, Working on vim command history

21/02/21 06:38 to 07:12, I’m working on the vim command history

Commands of interest: 21/02/21 06:48, python3 command_list.py “## 21/02/21 06:37 to 07:32, Worki” 21/02/21 06:51, vim command_list.py


  • I’ve updated the local vim to match master and added a missing plugin
  • I’ve added the ability to be called from the command line to python
  • I’ve run HISTTIMEFORMAT=”%d/%m/%y %T “ and that appeared to have had an effect on the laptop.
  • I’ve found out that history doesn’t include repeated commands
  • I used r !python3 git/watson/command_list.py “## 21/02/21 06:37 to 07:32, Worki” which worked from the command line.
  • I’ve found out that the “: is the expression register
  • I’ve written the lnc command which inserts the commands relabily, but it’s using hardcoded data (and currently whipes the clipboard.

21/02/21 07:13 to 07:21, Updating this file

  • Rewrote the notes
  • Added the register use to lnc
  • Commiting

22/02/21 06:25 to 07:22, +EQT

Getting a bit of a panic on working on WWW STUFF

  • Got a desktop glow account
  • Found out that thunderbird doens’t write to mac contacts
  • Found out that amazon buisness accounts post to lockers

22/02/21 07:23 to 07:36, Review child protection policies

22/02/21 07:36 to 07:45, Been doing some git and so on work.

22/02/21 07:47, Okay, DELORES

22/02/21 08:50 to 09:34, Delores

  • including testing out the command reader for the first time, is good for showing the more work.
  • Completely lost the last ten minutes.
  • Okay, any blogs I can write? No, NOT really. Well, yes, the risotto one…
  • Lot’s of faff.

22/02/21 09:34, (A) 1. Looking for urgent: Check Calendar and reminders and notebooks @singleton +PlanningAndTracking Time:20

22/02/21 09:44 to 10:20, (B) Send Sarah the lists of payments. +EQT

  • The users are reddingtont and joereddington
  • I’ve got a list of payments.
  • I am using tags. It’s okay.
  • There is now a report in quickbooks.

22/02/21 10:30 to 10:40, Wrote update for Sarah +EQT

22/02/21 10:40 to 10:56, Fafffing with config.

  • Learned that C-W-r rotates splits
  • Made a new macro for opening urls

22/02/21 10:57 to 11:17, (C Google Ads Volunteer) Make this a proper form on google analytics https://www.theopenvoicefactory.org/upload_board.html +EQT

Did lots of thinking and ended up with this: https://github.com/eQualityTime/Public/issues/119, which is probably going to take an hour and then some.

22/02/21 11:19 to 11:44, (C Kat Facebook) Work on: https://github.com/joereddington/Projects-Public/issues/43 +PersonalProjects

I rewrote https://github.com/joereddington/Projects-Public/issues/43

22/02/21 11:44 to 11:46, Messages

I’m going to check the stairgate

22/02/21 11:53, (C Kat) 30 Work out goals for the year. @private

Well, glad we ran out of time here!

22/02/21 11:54, Small social media before locking phone away

22/02/21 20:28 to 20:49, Moving the vim file before I go to bed and read book.

22/02/21 20:29, /Users/Shared/git/multi-git-status/mgitstatus 22/02/21 20:31, ln -s /Users/Shared/git/.vim/vimrc ~/.vimrc 22/02/21 20:46, cp ~/.bash_profile /Users/Shared/bash_profile

Hmm, working except for THINGs like folding

23/02/21 06:05 to 06:13, Going on line for emails

Used these commands to generate a ssh key for github, that was interesting 23/02/21 06:10, ssh-keygen -t ed25519 -C “joe.reddington@gmail.com” 23/02/21 06:12, pbcopy < ~/.ssh/id_ed25519.pub

23/02/21 06:14 to 06:34, Partner and child

23/02/21 06:36 to 06:58, Work inbox cleared out, that was quick and cool.

23/02/21 07:08 to 07:31, emailed trusteses +EQT

Emailing the trustees.

23/02/21 07:31 to 07:38, Sorting out calendar

23/02/21 07:59, gratitude

23/02/21 08:38, Writing influence THING

23/02/21 10:41, Just back from run

23/02/21 14:02 to 15:00, Funder interview for Fore Grant +EQT

23/02/21 21:51 to 22:00, Looked at email to get me in the right mood.

23/02/21 22:10 to 22:27, Writing targets for Fore Grant +EQT

23/02/21 22:27 to 23:37, Comic https://github.com/joereddington/Projects-Public/issues/45#issuecomment-784919304

24/02/21 07:54 to 08:06, Sending the +EQT emails

  • Including forwarding them to gemma

24/02/21 08:09 to 08:40, Comic https://github.com/joereddington/Projects-Public/issues/45

24/02/21 08:44 to 09:18, Comic https://github.com/joereddington/Projects-Public/issues/45

24/02/21 20:32 to 21:31, Comic https://github.com/joereddington/Projects-Public/issues/45

24/02/21 21:56,

http://kb.mozillazine.org/Command_line_arguments can now run headless mode https://dev.webonomic.nl/how-to-run-firefox-headless-and-make-a-screenshot

25/02/21 08:05 to 08:07, Here. Quick confirm of the email +EQT

25/02/21 08:07 to 08:27, because I want to

  • I’ve made a reasonable start on the cover, but now I need to properly enguage wit refactoring it so that THINGs are only said once.

25/02/21 10:10,

  • Found out that you can use variables in css: https://www.w3schools.com/css/css3_variables.asp That’s cool.
  • Got a way of automatically generating the QR codes
  • The cover is pretty done.
  • Now to push and see what it looks like on the phone
    • It looks bad. Which is annoyign.
  • Ah, it also looks bad on chrome Same issue
  • And safari, okay, this looks persistent

25/02/21 20:20 to 20:44, Checking +EQT tasks

  • Just peacefully tidying

25/02/21 09:00 to 10:00, +EQT meeting

25/02/21 19:32 to 19:43, Turns out you can do a global ignore

25/02/21 19:42, git config –global core.excludesFile ‘/Users/Shared/git/.gitignore’

26/02/21 04:24 to 05:34, Got slides to do +EQT

Did the slides

26/02/21 05:35 to 05:51, I have done the email.

26/02/21 06:02, Okay, dangerously close to faffing

26/02/21 06:42 to 06:53, but can I do the history

26/02/21 08:18 to 08:32, Rewriting this file.

And bringing in logs from +EQT

26/02/21 13:35 to 14:08, Working on https://github.com/joereddington/Projects-Public/issues/9

26/02/21 15:05 to 15:25, Working on ## 26/02/21 13:35 to 14:08, Try the history export

26/02/21 21:10 to 21:54, Working on https://github.com/joereddington/Projects-Public/issues/9

28/02/21 07:17 to 07:30,working on https://github.com/eQualityTime/Public/issues/120 +EQT

28/02/21 07:31 to 08:26, Flowers for Turing site. +EQT

I was happy to find that I’d already made a site, also that some of the images weren’t on the wordpress site at all - they were linking to old images from my CS website- that would have been sad to lose.

I installed Jekyll from https://jekyllrb.com/docs/ - it gets easier every time.

I decided to make the existing content into blog posts. They are events that happen on a date. I moved over the 2013 post (which is probably the longest and most complicated) and the FAQ

Started using some cool commands to copy accross images

wget -i wget -qO- http://www.flowersforturing.equalitytime.co.uk/?page_id=3903 | sed -n '/<img/s/.*src="\([^"]*\)".*/\1/p' | awk '{gsub("thumb-350-", "");print}'

That one was quite cool, I’ll be using that again for the other pages.

It needs maybe another hour, two, to move accross the rest of the pages and so on. Then I ask for proofreadin.

01/03/21 07:30 to 08:15, Tidying this file.

So much faff, using tools that are actually meant to help.

01/03/21 08:15, Okay, MAYBE now we can get started?

No, running now. then coming back to fix other THINGs

01/03/21 10:42 to 10:43,

First action, update the todo list.

01/03/21 10:51, (C Kat) Get tape measure to Measure stairgate for custom install.

01/03/21 10:53, (C Kat) Phone dentist (number in phone) to make appointment

Wed 31st March 9:10

01/03/21 10:54, (C Kat) Work on: https://github.com/joereddington/Projects-Public/issues/41 +PersonalProjects

01/03/21 10:59 to 11:49, I’m going to try and fix the www site +EQT

The problem was that the plugin used to generate the pages isn’t gituhb friendly, so I’m building locally and pushing the site in the docs directory.

I fixed the issues with the pages and improved the css. There is more to do but I’m happy with it.

01/03/21 14:08 to 14:25, Start of stream again (D Google Ads Volunteer) 30 Write a supertitle landing page @eqt

So the problem with this is that a supertitle landing page means that the project page gets broken up.

There’s some other problems with the project page:

  • White Water Writers doesn’t have posts listed with it.
  • I think this boils down to ‘implement the issues raised by the google ad words people.

02/03/21 06:39 to 08:40, Processing personal email.

02/03/21 08:40 to 08:40, Doing a single +EQT email

02/03/21 08:50 to 09:28, Doing gratitude

Wow! That took a while.

02/03/21 09:30 to 09:45, now the work email.

02/03/21 09:45, Four left, but they are all hard.

02/03/21 09:54, Trying to find D’s payslip

02/03/21 09:59, Sigh, Nothing matches

We’ll have to work backwards from what has been paid

02/03/21 10:42 to 10:57, suddnely NOTemail


02/03/21 11:54, Finally done with email

02/03/21 13:58, Baby asleep what shall I do?

  • I have sorted out the phoen automation.

02/03/21 14:18 to 14:24, conversaion goals would be interesting

  • I want to sort out a conversion coal for
    • Open Voice Factory
    • White Water Writers.

I’m doing the WWW one because it’s a bit easier (a lot easier) - I’ve copied and pasted in the code and I’ve added the conversion

02/03/21 16:12, Listening to the meeting

  • The quote I copy pasted was “In effect, the guide’s ‘users’ are askedto reimagine their life as an asset management systemwith inputs and outputs”
  • I also liked the switch from miliary to self care I enjoyed hat
  • I’m still digesting it

02/03/21 21:07 to 21:18, Reconsilation +EQT

Okay, reconcilation has been done!J TODO:

  • Check the remaining bills
  • Go through the invoices
    • Including fixing the paypal ones.
  • next action: make the bills and unity match
  • Review all the double authenticated payments

For the blog:

  • It’s nice to do everything monthly. Reconcile with the bank, put up all the payments, check (and chase) all the invoices.
  • We’ve now got a paypal account, which I’m nervous about because PayPal doens’t allow multiple approval, but it was the only way to take in bills.

02/03/21 21:26 to 21:29, Process tweetdeck

03/03/21 05:52 to 07:04, Dealing with the accounts

  • I’ve evidenced all the transations and messaged the treasurer
  • I’ve writen a blog https://equalitytime.co.uk/6505/2021/03/03/finace-upgrades/
  • The invoices are broadly in order
  • Traced various payments right through the system. It was quite fun. Although I did have to look in Quickbooks, unity, Dropbox, Google Drive and Gmail.

03/03/21 07:15 to 07:18, Processing Tweet deck

Tweetdeck turns out to NOT take very long

03/03/21 07:18 to 08:11, ready for the first proper facebook process.

Almost an hour? Wow - That was: 1 post in main 1 post in vegan 1 post in Charity CEos A review of the vegan group A review of the charity group Replying to all the comments Working through the feed -

  • I Didn’t even do posts for the WWW and EQT pages

That’s certainly a more thorough way of doing it, and I probably got more out of it. And it’s probably more time-efficient if I don’t look again. But Wow.

03/03/21 20:01 to 21:20, Prep for meeting, the meeting, and fixing a domain expert problem +EQT

Trustees are cool.

04/03/21 06:00 to 06:25, Wrote a blog about furlough +EQT

  • Also worked out that I don’t have to sign the Glasgow contract yet

04/03/21 06:43 to 07:06, (C) Write expense form for 22/2/21 books +EQT @private

  • This is one of those tasks
  • Moving the expenses file into drive.

04/03/21 07:06, Apply online for work from home tax relief


“We couldn’t confirm your identity” will try again another day

04/03/21 07:26 to 08:04, Blogging

04/03/21 09:12 to 11:16, Fake news +EQT

  • Meeting and then sitting in on next meeting

04/03/21 11:19 to 12:01, Social media

04/03/21 14:06, Okay, I working on the memory book.

  • I appear to have lost my notes

05/03/21 05:47 to 06:40, Working on Memory Book

I’ve set up the situation for the trees - It took a while. And there will be quite a few more hours involved.

04/03/21 21:39 to 22:00, Working on website +EQT

  • Rewrote most of the main page, removed a write for us page.
  • Need to add a ‘call for action’ and rewrite the project pages. Maybe spin off everything else into it’s own site.

05/03/21 06:58 to 07:06, Connecting Ads and Analytics +EQT

  • Had to enable 2F authentication on the analytics account

05/03/21 07:13, Rewriting this file

I should ask myself how many monthly visitors is worth me learning how Google Analytics works. A hundred a month?

Well, I’m getting 100 a day. So that’s quite a lot, but I’m looking at the THINGs we’re spending our google ad money on and it’s hardly the right targeting

I mean, I really want it the other way around - I want to get, say, 10 emails a week, and have the conversation work.

05/03/21 07:29, A 100 a day is enough. I’ll need to get my analytics perfect.

05/03/21 07:31, Okay, I really would have liked to have written a blog so that I felt like I’d had a really good morning. But that can wait for today.

05/03/21 07:34 to 07:57, Social media

  • I reviewed the social media calendar. It looks much nicer. Now tweetdeck
  • Been looking, but I’m NOT finding that much to respond to. Which is sort of nice right? Hmm. Would be nice to have a post today. I’ll do that leo shot
  • Okay, that’s that done then. Hmm. Nothing to scheule or anything. Got my book to focus on from now

08/03/21 07:04 to 07:18, Clearing up.

  • I think mouse sniper might NOT be workign because of the permissions on iterm
    • Hmm, definately still works from terminals. I suspect restarting will fix it, but that can happen next time
  • Todo is up to date

08/03/21 07:18 to 07:26, (A) 1. Looking for urgent: Check Calendar and reminders and notebooks @singleton +PlanningAndTracking Time:20

Calendar is fine.

  • Reminders.

08/03/21 07:26 to 07:32, (A) Check Mozfest Schedule

08/03/21 07:32 to 09:15, (B) Work on: https://github.com/joereddington/Projects-Public/issues/35 +PersonalProjects

Okay, well this is a THING that I really don’t actually want to do, so I should do it.

  • The next action is to create the tree of the sorted books.
  • Well I’m definately filling up pages.
  • May as well create the balanced tree before I go
  • Okay now done? Is there one more THING I can quickly sort? Maybe finnish the in-order traveral? Oh go on.
  • Quite pleased with this as a sprint.

08/03/21 09:21 to 09:26, (C Kat) Pick some sessions on https://schedule.mozillafestival.org/schedule

  • Okay, I keep just opening it and that is it.

08/03/21 09:26 to 09:46, Just going through tasks now

Done to 70.

08/03/21 09:46 to 10:36, Social Media Processing

  • Tweetdeck firs
  • Facebook was the rest. Mostly comments and then a lot of time trying to make sure that I’ve sucked every morcel of interet dry. Need to be blogging first. Not as fun this way.

08/03/21 20:01 to 20:45, Mozfest session

09/03/21 06:30 to 06:45, Email

  • Mostly attempting to delete a lot of mail

09/03/21 06:45 to 08:32, Work email +EQT

  • Including sorting out a ‘begining balance off’ issue in quickbooks
  • Putting invoices into banking
  • And fixing some other invoices
  • Now minutes

09/03/21 08:32 to 11:13, Analytics course +EQT

I went right through the Google Analytics for Beginners course at https://analytics.google.com/analytics/academy/

  • I’m now happy with Goals and setting up funnels. Also the connection of search consoles and Google Ad accounts
  • I like that I can annotate traffic
  • I like that I can now make links a lot more trackable with the URL builder https://ga-dev-tools.appspot.com/campaign-url-builder/
  • I know a bit more about my own webpages - suprised by some THINGs.
    • My personal blog has a massive bounce rate. Massive.
  • I have big plans to test a lot of this STUFF in anger on the FFT website
  • I think the next step is really that I do some work on the websites themselfs:
    • Adding calls to action and clear paths through on landing pages and popular ones.
    • Fix the mobile usability on the EQT site
    • OVF is getting traffic oganically quite well, we should look into why and why
  • But there are direct analytics things to build
    • Make sure that outbound links are tracked on the EQT website
    • Set up a funnel for the OVF site to show how effective it is being. (including how many of them are sucessful)

Got a certificate https://analytics.google.com/analytics/academy/certificate/LO54niEeTgqoX1Asax0ARA

09/03/21 11:17 to 11:40, Okay, social media processing

09/03/21 15:25 to 15:41, Stack

09/03/21 15:42 to 16:30,(A) Mother’s day card(S)

Turning into game of house of books

09/03/21 16:34, Okay, that was good, that was a nice long sprint. Turned it around a bit there. What can I do with the last 25 minutes?

09/03/21 16:34 to 17:00, Flowers for Turing sites. +EQT

  • The Repo: https://github.com/eQualityTime/FlowersForTuring/
  • The github site: https://equalitytime.github.io/FlowersForTuring/
  • The main site: www.flowersforturing.equalitytime.co.uk/
  • I’ve cloned, and I’m running the bundle
  • But apparently I have to install some? What’s this nonsense…?

  • Thought I had a solution with the multiple index files, but no
  • Removed some spare images from the root
  • Trying the /docs method

    09/03/21 17:00, All the images are saved in the 2014 folder and I’ve created the post - I only need to put the page through the converter

09/03/21 19:45 to 20:33, More on Turing Site +EQT

  • The text is in, now for the photos, although I want to really get the hang of the sizing
  • I’m sizing solely by html

Okay, I’ve added, and commited, and I’ve got a bunch more posts to move accross. I’m a bit suprised to find out that the general level of quality of the site is very poor. There are missing receipts and missing thank you and a wide range of other errors. Very poor.

Okay, it should be relatively simple to move the rest of the pages over. Some are very small indeed.

It was only 15 mintues to move the 2015 page, and probably could have been much faster. 2016 will be quite long, 2017 will be near trivial

Lots of things to do once I’ve moved the posts over:

  • Set up the paypal pool
  • Set up the google analytics
  • Rewrite the site to have a clear funnel
    • What we do
    • What happens to the money
    • The order form/form if you’d like some news
  • Throw all the google ads money at it.

10/03/21 07:30 to 08:12, +EQT web work

  • Updated a theme for EQT site
  • Ordered a backup from dreamhost
  • editing the trustee page
  • Fixed the Flowers for Turing upload issue


  • Get a mobile theme for eQuality Time site
  • Put self on the staff page


  • Test theme on mobile
  • Fix all the images
  • Transport the rest of the pages
  • Add GA code
  • Ask for design input
  • Work out what you want from a funnel
  • So I’m looking at https://www.gosh.org/donate-our-appeal/ - and one THING that’s clear there is that donation is a seperate page. Click to donate, and then, ‘how much would you like to donate?’ and then gift aid
  • Oh, hey, we have a proper pay pal THING now, we can accept money in any amount…

10/03/21 08:26 to 08:41, Okay social time.


We’re redoing our home office, and I really really want to build it around a massive bit of reclaimed wood as

10/03/21 08:41, I mean, is that going to be it…

  • Could do with the photo of french toast on vegans of luton, but that can wait right.
  • Also the streaming.
  • Also the inbox

10/03/21 10:18, (A) Send Yvonne an invoice for influencer times @private

£200 is a start

11/03/21 06:28 to 07:38, Attempting to reduce bounce rate on personal site

I’m going to take a moment to work on my personal site I want to reduce bounce rate. Which is currently… 79.87% over 30 days

The big landing pages and their bounce rates are.

  • Homepage 68%
  • Disability on facebook 74%
  • diswiki 76%
  • Animaated pdfs 90%

Two of those are on the old site and badly need a full rewrite, so I’ll create a task for them, and put calls to action in the others.

In an effort to track outbound links I also discovered that some sites already do (joereddington.com) but some don’t (eqt, which I think I’ve fixed, and joereddington.github.io, which I hope I’ve fixed but only for one link)

I spent some time finding out about google tag manager, which it turns out I don’t need. I also discovered there are a bunch of different ‘versions’ of google analytics and I am unhelpfully using a mix across sites

11/03/21 07:38, Big THINGs for the day

  • Run, big run
  • Facebook processing - big one. Ducks
  • Accounts
  • Working on todo list

11/03/21 07:41 to 07:43, (A) Send Yvonne an invoice for influencer times @private

I’ve built it.

11/03/21 07:55 to 08:41, Sorting out Yvonne’s Accounts

Check list https://www.kgaccountants.co.uk/cic/community-interest-company-accounts I’m quite pleased with that. I have some questions to ask her but we’re good.

11/03/21 08:59 to 10:21, Fake news meeting +EQT

15/03/21 05:44 to 08:45, Putting todos in order.

As an exercise, I tried to do something useful to all 90 tasks on my todo list within three hours. I just made it.

After three hours there are 33 left. Mostly this is me taking out ones that have already been done, or needed rewriting, some of it is me sorting out very quick tasks and moving forward on them. Certainly there was a lot of doing ‘small tasks that I’ve been avoiding’ and I feel good about that.

The remaining tasks are all ones where I definately know the next action and I’m pleased to think that I can do them.

Something that became quite obvious as I went through: I’m really negleting a project-level view, and that’s not ideal at all. I’d like to be much more there

16/03/21 07:00 to 07:46, calendar and email

16/03/21 07:46 to 10:15, Work email +EQT

17/03/21 08:11 to 08:15, Live stream

(B) Work on: https://github.com/joereddington/Projects-Public/issues/42 +PersonalProjects

17/03/21 08:18 to 08:34, https://github.com/eQualityTime/Public/issues/122 +EQT

17/03/21 08:39 to 08:47, Interrupt - the stack exchange for book

18/03/21 07:37 to 09:41, Working on https://github.com/eQualityTime/Public/issues/125 +EQT

18/03/21 10:00 to 10:54, +EQT fake news meeting

Investigate https://formspree.io/plans

19/03/21 07:05 to 07:10, Sorting out a simcard.

22/03/21 08:49 to 08:51, Checking DBS +EQT

22/03/21 08:52 to 09:28, Some light email

22/03/21 10:15 to 10:32, More email

  • Including offering to give a talk.

23/03/21 08:10 to 09:17, +EQT Working on https://github.com/eQualityTime/Public/issues/125

23/03/21 09:50 to 10:44, that’s a big break

24/03/21 07:07 to 07:38, https://github.com/eQualityTime/Public/issues/125 +EQT

25/03/21 06:51 to 07:47, +EQT https://github.com/eQualityTime/Public/issues/125

25/03/21 07:59 to 08:34, +EQT https://github.com/eQualityTime/Public/issues/125

25/03/21 08:34 to 10:00, some quick fake news. +EQT

25/03/21 10:45 to 10:59, Editing down this document

25/03/21 11:05 to 11:49, Working on https://github.com/joereddington/Projects-Private/issues/127

25/03/21 11:05, cd watson/ 25/03/21 11:08, python3 test_dr_watson.py 25/03/21 11:08, more watson 25/03/21 11:08, python –help 25/03/21 11:09, open README.txt 25/03/21 11:09, touch README.txt 25/03/21 11:09, vim README.txt 25/03/21 11:09, open README.txt 25/03/21 11:09, open watson.py 25/03/21 11:09, ./watson ../joereddington.github.io/diary/index.md 25/03/21 11:10, cp ../joereddington.github.io/diary/index.md testinputs/diary.md 25/03/21 11:10, open test_dr_watson.py 25/03/21 11:11, vim watson 25/03/21 11:11, ./watson ../joereddington.github.io/diary/index.md 25/03/21 11:11, more watson 25/03/21 11:11, python3 watson 25/03/21 11:11, python3 watson ../joereddington.github.io/diary/index.md 25/03/21 11:11, ./watson ../joereddington.github.io/diary/index.md 25/03/21 11:12, python3 test_dr_watson.py watsonTest.test_big_diary 25/03/21 11:15, ./watson ../joereddington.github.io/diary/index.md 25/03/21 11:15, more watson 25/03/21 11:16, ctag * 25/03/21 11:16, ctags 25/03/21 11:16, ctags * 25/03/21 11:16, python3 test_dr_watson.py watsonTest.test_big_diary2 25/03/21 11:21, ls -lt 25/03/21 11:21, ls calendar 25/03/21 11:21, ls calendars/ 25/03/21 11:21, ls 25/03/21 11:21, ls -lt calendars/ 25/03/21 11:21, git status 25/03/21 11:21, git branch tiledcalendar 25/03/21 11:21, git checkout tiledcalendar 25/03/21 11:21, git status 25/03/21 11:21, git commit -a -m “generated an ice file” 25/03/21 11:23, open calendars/ 25/03/21 11:24, open calendars/all.ics 25/03/21 11:26, vim calendars/all.ics 25/03/21 11:29, ls 25/03/21 11:29, pwd 25/03/21 11:29, ls *.py 25/03/21 11:29, cd .. 25/03/21 11:29, cd joereddington.github.io/ 25/03/21 11:29, cd diary/ 25/03/21 11:29, ls 25/03/21 11:29, cd watson/ 25/03/21 11:29, ls 25/03/21 11:29, git status 25/03/21 11:29, cp ../../../watson/watson.py . 25/03/21 11:29, cp ../../../watson/watson . 25/03/21 11:29, ./watson ../index.md 25/03/21 11:30, open watson.py 25/03/21 11:30, ./watson ../index.md 25/03/21 11:30, cp ../../../watson/calendar_helper_functions.py . 25/03/21 11:30, mkdir calendars 25/03/21 11:30, touch calendars/readme.txt 25/03/21 11:30, vim calendars/readme.txt 25/03/21 11:31, git status 25/03/21 11:31, ./watson ../index.md 25/03/21 11:31, cp ../../../watson/entry.py . 25/03/21 11:31, git status 25/03/21 11:31, ./watson ../index.md 25/03/21 11:31, ls calendars/ 25/03/21 11:31, git status 25/03/21 11:32, ls 25/03/21 11:32, open calendar_helper_functions.py 25/03/21 11:39, ./watson ../index.md 25/03/21 11:41, git status 25/03/21 11:41, cd .. 25/03/21 11:41, git add watson/ 25/03/21 11:41, git status 25/03/21 11:41, git commit -a -m “Update” 25/03/21 11:41, git push

25/03/21 12:30 to 14:23, Looking at my phone to cheer myself up.

25/03/21 20:12 to 22:00, watching a terrible movie as part of couple’s time.

26/03/21 07:16 to 07:32, Delores, putting me in the place.

26/03/21 07:28, Process calendar

26/03/21 07:30 to 07:42, Joe Inbox

12/03/21 14:53, According to this, I didn’t do anything…

26/03/21 07:42 to 08:39, +EQT Inbox

  • Sorted an invoice out.
  • Sorted an analytiscs issues out
  • Replied to some general busywork.
  • Added payments to unity
  • Solved the HMRC issue

26/03/21 08:39 to 09:52, Social step one.

(Also took Leo out for a nap)

26/03/21 09:53 to 10:07, Playing with family

26/03/21 10:08 to 10:08, Food brainstorms

  • It’s all about mood. All about mood.
  • And relating, and communication

    26/03/21 10:22 to 10:35, Tax relief

    I’ve claimed it for one year, I’m really NOT sure I did it right. Next action is to watch a video about it on youtube to check.

26/03/21 13:33 to 13:48, Moving accross and lightly editing a blog post

29/03/21 08:32 to 11:00, hacking away at little THINGs

55 left

29/03/21 11:00, Family back

29/03/21 14:19, Hello again

29/03/21 14:21 to 14:24,

x 2021-03-29 (D Kat) Fix the Ring app on Kat’s phone x 2021-03-29 Work on: https://github.com/joereddington/Projects-Private/issues/164 +PersonalProjects x 2021-03-29 Work on: https://github.com/joereddington/Projects-Private/issues/166 +PersonalProjects x 2021-03-29 Work on: https://github.com/joereddington/Projects-Private/issues/38 +PersonalProjects

29/03/21 14:33 to 15:16, Let’s try a power hour

(E) 03 Message Kat about getting her one thoughtful present (E) 03 Put Nova’s money person contact details in phoen (E) 03 Save a nice family memory +Family @phone @nova Time:03 (E) 03 Trim nose hair +Health @nova Time:05 (D) 03 cut the membrane for the herb garden https://github.com/users/joereddington/projects/1#card-56902675 (E) 05 Floss +Health @nova Time:05 (E) 05 Lookup how to pay in amazon cheques (E) 05 Talk to Kat about reserving items in cupboards (E) 10 Brainstorm on being more project oriented. (E) 10 Brainstorm on saving family memories (E) 10 Check the dreamhost backup downlaod

Not all of it, but some of it.

Parituclarly interested in the age-old problem of the dreamhost backup being too big.

29/03/21 15:17, Oh yeah, I have to do it by a tar -xvf file don’t I?


01/04/21 09:01 to 12:05, Fake news +EQT

01/04/21 12:07, Also did some FFT work.

I know what pages I want, and I’ve worked out how to do multiple donations.

01/04/21 13:32,Here for email.

01/04/21 13:50 to 14:38, MOvied on to proper emails +EQT

Leaving the rest of the emails for tomorrow.

01/04/21 14:39, Clearing kitchen.

02/04/21 06:16 to 06:39, doing email

02/04/21 06:39 to 06:56, Now doing +EQT email

02/04/21 07:39 to 08:06, Nworking on https://github.com/eQualityTime/Public/issues/122 +EQT

Next actions are images and new pages. Hey, once the images are done I can redirect the old site! I can ask for feedback and typo finding.

05/04/21 07:31 to 08:03, Looking at the accounts +EQT

06/04/21 06:05 to 07:18, Wokring on https://github.com/eQualityTime/Public/issues/122 +EQT

Okay, I’ve fixed the images and I’ve improved the donation page. I’ve commited and pushed I’ve also been investigating the analytics (33% is mobile) and I’d like to

06/04/21 07:18 to 08:22, Found daisy’s body.


06/04/21 08:22 to 08:55, Back to work. CSS on https://github.com/eQualityTime/Public/issues/122 +EQT

Using this: https://aregsar.com/blog/2019/how-to-customize-your-github-pages-blog-style-in-five-minutes/ And also https://tomkadwill.com/2017/12/16/how-to-override-css-styles-in-jekyll.html

I’ve centred the images, I also think I’ve managed to get the images working online. I’ve checked on mobile I’ve checked on chrome.


  • Check on mobile
  • Centre the images
  • Write the facebook ask
  • Thank the guy about t he custom css

06/04/21 08:55,

Hivemind! I need you to look at the new Flowers For Turing Website and tell me what you think about it. Some of you care about typos, some alt text, some images, and some css. I want it all.

I’m really excited about this year (I didn’t run it last year because of the combination of the Pandemic and Leo’s birth) - so excited that I’m belatedly properly embracing actual approaches like ‘funnels’ and ‘a/b testing’.

06/04/21 09:04 to 10:57, Social media algorithm

Bit too long.

06/04/21 10:57, Time to step away.

08/04/21 08:06 to 08:06, (C) 10 Properly design on paper the WWW site journey +EQT

09/04/21 07:30 to 08:42, Responding to +EQT accounts feedback

12/04/21 06:51 to 07:15, Daily processing

12/04/21 07:15 to 08:37, Furlough grant +EQT

12/04/21 08:38 to 09:55, Normalising accounts +EQT

Okay, so here’s where I am.

I’ve been working on the 2018-2019 accounts so that the 2019-2020 accounts work. I’ve started with the balance sheet On the balance sheet, I’ve started with the creditors. There are two THINGs to fix with the creditors. One is to find out where 235 for facilitors expenses has come from, and another to find out why 26330 is defered income.

12/04/21 10:44 to 10:47, Normalising accounts again +EQT

The Creditors (well, trade creditors) is done. Now for the deferred income.

12/04/21 11:08 to 11:27, Normalising accounts again +EQT

My brain is now full

12/04/21 11:49 to 12:02, Working out it’s the missing invoices +EQT

13/04/21 07:02 to 08:05, Email

13/04/21 08:05 to 08:36, +EQT inbox

14/04/21 07:00 to 07:57, working on +EQT accounts.

Waiting on a reply from sarah for now.

14/04/21 08:28 to 09:07, Let’s think about logos. +EQT

Updating the project real site, involved a lot of STUFF I learned from Flowers For Turing. Including:

  • Overloading the main css file
  • Using IMG tags rather than markdown

14/04/21 08:01 to 09:18, faff

Youtube and facebook, and twitter, and other social media

14/04/21 14:43 to 15:34, Working on https://github.com/eQualityTime/Public/issues/122 +EQT

  • Notes in issue

15/04/21 06:43 to 07:11, Rewriting this file

  • Checked some analytics
  • Discovered that the history file returns notes that are in
  • Fixed the bug in the history script

15/04/21 07:17 to 07:30, (A) 10 Write up minutes properly +EQT

Okay, let’s go and find them.

15/04/21 07:34 to 07:46, (A) Find out what happened to the architects money

Turns out she’s right - have messaged her to find out.

15/04/21 07:48 to 07:57, (A) Put all the payment information into unity (and poss quickbooks) +EQT

15/04/21 07:57 to 08:15,(A) Work on: https://github.com/joereddington/Projects-Private/issues/82 +PersonalProjects

15/04/21 08:15 to 08:39, (B) 20 Review all projects in github +Overhead https://github.com/users/joereddington/projects/1#card-30279917

I did a bunch of stuff, moved some things forward. But I didn’t properly crack it. Time to get ready for the day.

15/04/21 08:40 to 09:00, Family time

15/04/21 09:02 to 10:06, Project Real Meeting +EQT

16/04/21 06:22 to 06:47, Working on Videos for Project Real +EQT

16/04/21 07:04 to 08:44, Work on https://github.com/joereddington/Projects-Public/issues/35

16/04/21 09:35 to 11:20, Back to the Project Real videos! +EQT


16/04/21 12:34 to 12:54, (C) 20 Fix the css on the www contact page +EQT https://github.com/eQualityTime/Public/issues/127

Comiited and pushed. Needs testing

18/04/21 07:45 to 11:21, Working on the accounts +EQT

  • Discovered it wasn’t the invoices I thought it was.
  • Found out that a lot of the problem was that I’d misclassified the Essex Challenge prize money.
  • Gradually moved the 2018/2019 balance sheet closer to the TLL one
  • Did a reconciliation mostly to fix things that had changed during the fixing of bugs
  • I got around to putting the Awesome Foundation money in.

19/04/21 07:15 to 07:35, Working on Overhead

  • Tidied this file
  • Going to tidy the Downloads
  • Checking Repos
  • Moved this file.
  • Done gathering todos.
  • Plan is to take Leo out to gather lunch STUFF.

19/04/21 07:40 to 08:37, (A) Send Sarah the full update. +EQT

  • I have responded to all of the comments on Sarah’s Word version and have made the alterations to the Google Drive version.
  • I’ve also written out the email properly.

19/04/21 08:59, https://github.com/joereddington/Projects-Public/issues/47

Moved Kat’s files off the External drive.

19/04/21 09:19 to 09:33, (C) 10 Fix new content form on the www site +EQT

  • I’ve remembered I have to use the docs folder. I’ve pushed nd there should be some testing
  • Turns out you need premium membership to include extra fields in a form. Will alter that.

19/04/21 09:45 to 10:06, Social media process.

21/04/21 07:44 to 08:41, reply to clare and then videos for Project Real. +EQT

21/04/21 09:35 to 09:54, Igor transplant.

19/04/21 07:15 to 07:35, Working on Overhead

  • Tidied this file
  • Going to tidy the Downloads
  • Checking Repos
  • Moved this file.
  • Done gathering todos.
  • Plan is to take Leo out to gather lunch STUFF.

19/04/21 07:40 to 08:37, (A) Send Sarah the full update. +EQT

  • I have responded to all of the comments on Sarah’s Word version and have made the alterations to the Google Drive version.
  • I’ve also written out the email properly.

21/04/21 11:57 to 12:17, Delores

21/04/21 12:19 to 13:11, Live

That’s interesting - ending a steam takes you to video editor now. I could pull bits out.

29/04/21 08:18 to 09:12, email

29/04/21 09:12 to 09:27, Now work email. +EQT

29/04/21 09:27 to 09:57, Picking out a TV for the office.

29/04/21 10:09 to 10:45, reconciliation and emails +EQT

  • Transactions imported, bills marked off, reconcilation done.
  • Now matching up the bills to the unity
  • Also did some emails

29/04/21 14:48 to 16:12, More email +EQT

04/05/21 08:28 to 11:04, There are 120 actions on my personal todo. Let’s trim that down a bit

  • Including chat with mum
  • This is vulture picking, but it’s working
  • go me, I successfully changed the ssh config so that it used different public and private keys for different hosts

04/05/21 11:13 to 12:30, Building IKEA cabinets with Kat

04/05/21 13:31 to 13:36, Working on Richard’s form

Getting my head around richards form. Details in email

04/05/21 14:33 to 14:58, work email +EQT

  • Did some emails.
  • Including the paypal one.

    04/05/21 21:37 to 22:00, Garage brainstorm

05/05/21 08:24 to 08:54, Processed all sorts of inbox.

05/05/21 09:15 to 09:27, Comic

Got the comic out, picked at it a bit, eventually gave it up as a bad job, but might do something for today.

05/05/21 10:32 to 10:47, Tidy up this file

  • Adding to vim list
  • Checking paypal
  • Creating projects

05/05/21 10:49 to 10:59, doing the WJC redirect

05/05/21 10:59, Review Github projects

05/05/21 11:28 to 13:31, Live doing book

I’ve improved the decision tree display, which I really like, even if it isn’t that ‘design’ friendly. I’ve now got to look at the text!

05/05/21 14:21 to 15:42, +EQT (B) Review the pr on +EQT and talking to line manager

05/05/21 14:22, git clone https://github.com/eQualityTime/ovfplayer/pull/176 05/05/21 14:22, git clone https://github.com/eQualityTime/ovfplayer/ 05/05/21 14:22, cd ovfplayer/ 05/05/21 14:25, git checkout -b develop origin/develop 05/05/21 14:25, git checkout develop 05/05/21 14:30, more README.md 05/05/21 14:43, npm install ng serve

Now I need to know what behaviour I’m testing. But I’m happy with what I’ve got.

05/05/21 15:48, Brainstorm mouse sniper as NO-clicks.

05/05/21 19:32 to 20:23, Made Comic

I need to:

  • Properly fix the page sizes
  • Also post on other social.
  • Move storyline
  • Get THINGs to cut rather than to resize.

05/05/21 20:24 to 21:00, +EQT meeting

06/05/21 07:06,

I’ve got 38 THINGs to do, plus email (2 hours) and a meeting (1 hour) and a run (1 hour). That sounds like rather a lot.

There are 8 hours to go. Better do them all.

07/05/21 07:33 to 07:41, Fixed nowshare bug on the FFT site +EQT

10/05/21 07:14 to 08:25, Comic and looking after lego

10/05/21 08:22 to 08:27, Cleaning this file out.

10/05/21 08:30 to 08:38, Tidying up git.

10/05/21 08:47 to 08:50, Clearing Stack

10/05/21 08:47, Not going live because monitor setup has changed and make it awkward.

10/05/21 08:51 to 09:13, Plan for cables.

10/05/21 09:15 to 15:10, Smacking Todo list around

Took a while but there are now only 37 things left.

11/05/21 07:11 to 07:33, Email.

11/05/21 11:36 to 12:20, Email again +EQT

11/05/21 12:52 to 13:10, Going to do an +EQT washington

Published a blog https://equalitytime.co.uk/6548/2021/05/11/having-a-problem-with-amazon-pay-by-invoice/

11/05/21 13:59 to 14:22, Back on the +EQT washington

12/05/21 06:28 to 06:33, Setup ‘watching’ for the day

  • I love it, It does keep me aware. I like the idea of making it bigger every time there is a failure.

    12/05/21 06:33 to 07:20, EMAIL +EQT

    12/05/21 07:21 to 07:37, Accounting +EQT

    There’s four things the auditor wants

  • Found statement
  • Now sorting out missing invoice.
  • Now sorting out payslip. :w

    12/05/21 08:02 to 08:20, Furlough form +EQT

    12/05/21 08:21 to 08:27, Social media for inbox screenshots

    12/05/21 08:27 to 08:31, tidying this file

    12/05/21 08:33 to 08:46, Monitor

    12/05/21 08:48 to 09:04, (A) Plan Daddy-daughter day

    12/05/21 09:11 to 09:21, Wrote blog for +EQT

    12/05/21 09:23 to 09:57, (A) 40 Put journal entries into Quickbooks @private +EQT

    12/05/21 09:58 to 10:19, (A) Go through Quickbooks expenditure and make sure that all hashtag invoices are marked as invoicable

    Have sent the invoice to YS

    12/05/21 10:26 to 10:47, (A) Work on: https://github.com/eQualityTime/Public/issues/124 +EQT

    12/05/21 11:10 to 11:53, Read and review novel

    12/05/21 11:54 to 12:15, Lunch

    12/05/21 12:15 to 12:23, Clearing out (B) tasks before moving to eqt (B)s

    12/05/21 12:27 to 12:40, (B) 20 design membership cards out of cardboard and get them printed. +EQT

    12/05/21 12:40 to 12:47, (B) 20 Start filling out this unity form https://www.unity.co.uk/update-your-details/ to add trustees to bank +EQT

  • Emailed people for missing information

    12/05/21 12:48 to 13:47, Work on https://github.com/eQualityTime/Public/issues/126 +EQT

    12/05/21 13:49 to 13:59, Social media

    12/05/21 14:01 to 14:11, Going through the +EQT (B) projects.

    12/05/21 14:11 to 14:35, (B) Work on: https://github.com/eQualityTime/Public/issues/111 +EQT

    12/05/21 14:36 to 15:12, Taking a bit of time to play with https://github.com/joereddington/Projects-Private/issues/127

    12/05/21 15:12 to 15:17, Small social media break

    12/05/21 15:34 to 16:07, Working on https://github.com/eQualityTime/Public/issues/127 +EQT

13/05/21 07:17 to 07:31, Working on https://github.com/joereddington/Projects-Private/issues/171

13/05/21 07:36 to 07:54, (C) 10 Look out forms for making people offically trustees https://www.gov.uk/guidance/how-to-update-your-charitys-details +EQT

Found out some stuff. Fixed a bug from a while ago. Added to the github issue. Put a new task in the calendar and fixed lots of things about my calendar.

13/05/21 07:56 to 08:21, (C) 10 Brainstorm entirely new Wheel of Life

13/05/21 08:26 to 08:42, Rewriting https://joereddington.github.io/2020/05/20/pain.html

13/05/21 10:00 to 11:00, Meeting +EQT

…and then some googling.

13/05/21 14:20 to 14:58, Working on the MPs tweets

15/05/21 11:27, Hello.

15/05/21 11:28 to 13:30, Accounts STUFF in the inbox +EQT

  • The journal entry is now lined up. I had set something as an asset rather than an expenditure
  • Worked out another issue with creditors over >1 year
  • Designed a money making scheme
  • Need to update the document.
  • Removed the SHINE invoice via a credit note.

15/05/21 14:32 to 15:57, Hello again +EQT

Lot of work on accounts

17/05/21 09:19 to 09:40, Writing FB recommendation

17/05/21 10:26 to 10:42, Ringing Garages for Car repair

17/05/21 14:36 to 14:51, Spreadsheets and github +EQT

17/05/21 14:51, The gitup one is much better

17/05/21 14:55 to 15:12, I’ve reached (B) Work on: https://github.com/joereddington/Projects-Public/issues/35 +PersonalProjects

Which looks like I spend some time with the book right?

18/05/21 07:42 to 09:19, Experimenting with a positivity list

I suspect it works a lot better when you have already processed it down as far as it would go.

18/05/21 09:19 to 10:07, Eamil

19/05/21 09:17 to 09:41, Emails.

19/05/21 09:41 to 10:24, Gratitude

19/05/21 10:24 to 12:34, working on +EQT email inclunding bank statments

19/05/21 12:44 to 12:56, Flowers For Turing +EQT

19/05/21 15:03 to 16:00, Working through the Flower For Turing Emails +EQT

20/05/21 08:50 to 09:37, +EQT Fake news meeting

  • find out about more funding later

20/05/21 09:38 to 10:07, Tidy this inbox.

  • Looking back to
  • Includes contents for Delores
  • This week has been crappy. lots of faff, very little working on the files that matter
  • So what’s the lessons learned:
    • More time literally in this file, keeping better notes on what it is that you are doing. Working like there is going to be a blog post, or at least a test later.
    • Take Pictures
    • Need the countdown timer

20/05/21 10:07 to 11:01, Accounts email +EQT

20/05/21 12:05 to 12:20,More +EQT email

Run into an annoying mouse issue around invoices.

20/05/21 12:20, Talking to Insurance.

20/05/21 13:07 to 13:16, Email.

20/05/21 14:05 to 15:00, Emailing Flowers for Turing +EQT

  • Worked out a way of doing a reasonably dirty mail merge using google docs
  • Kat helpfully rewrote the email for me

26/05/21 07:35 to 08:38, Personal email

26/05/21 08:45 to 10:08, +EQT email

  • Starting with the reconciliation for the week.

26/05/21 10:08 to 10:26, Gratitude

26/05/21 10:26 to 11:13, Wrote a grant proposal for Yvonne +EQT

Wrote a grant proposal.

26/05/21 14:44 to 15:12, A/B testing +EQT

Investigating A/B testing

  • I need to use Google Optimise, which was spun out of Google Analytics
  • Requires me to install the optimise snippet.
  • I’ve added it and pushed the commit
  • Apparently I need google chrome to edit.
  • Okay, I think I’ve started one. Here’s what I think happened - The small snippet that I put into the head allows Google, through Javascript to rewrite the page on page activation, which is is cool. It becomes obvious when you use Google chrome to edit your own page. Well, it’s running now. Will come back and check in later.

27/05/21 06:56 to 07:08, Faff

27/05/21 07:08 to 07:11, Tidying this file

27/05/21 07:12 to 07:16, Starting with fixing the cables and such.

27/05/21 08:20, Have delivered kids.

  • Worked out the shortcuts for moving displays

27/05/21 08:40, (E) Confirm plans for next two weekends.+Overhead @phone Time:06

Fuck it let’s make a box.

27/05/21 09:00 to 09:51, +EQT Meeting about fake news project

27/05/21 10:01 Cables

  • Annoyed to find I have only 2 hdmi cables (but I like the idea of putting something though the other screensometimes…
  • So replace bacles is going to wait for a bit.
  • Fire TV is installing

27/05/21 10:11 to 10:30, Working on todo: clearing projects

27/05/21 10:31 to 10:37, Cables again

27/05/21 10:50 to 11:30, in garage, poking things

  • Put up birdhouse, that’s a nice one.

27/05/21 12:03 to 12:10, Frictionless deploy script

Done. Easier than I thought.

27/05/21 12:13 to 12:15, (D) Tidy the Mps ranking https://github.com/joereddington/Projects-Public/issues/12 +PersonalProjects

The first question is: what’s bottom gear bot? It’s here: https://twitter.com/ashfield_lee?lang=en but it has like, NOT citing anything.

Next action: look at the downloaded tweets from bottom gear bot.

27/05/21 12:29 to 12:39, Back after lunch. Working on Mps ranking again.

Okay, it appears that the bottom gear one is a relic caused my my never having cleaned the directory. Worth checking later

27/05/21 12:44 to 13:05, Fixing a WWW bug +EQT

  • And adding a note to help people.

27/05/21 14:37, Write the Reddit post for Flowers For Turing.

27/05/21 14:41 to 15:03, (D) 20 Write blog about live streaming and how it hasn’t quite worked.https://github.com/joereddington/Projects-Public/issues/4 +PersonalProjects

I’ve refreshed my motivation around this. This is about consistent work that I can be proud of.

27/05/21 15:06 to 15:44, (E) 30 Write ‘you might also like section’ for white water writers.

  • I’m writing a simple google docs document because I suspect that’s easiest for other people to use.
  • I’ve done a basic thing but it needs a bit more, possibly from a design standpoint.

Next action: copy paste a chapter in, and the cover image and see what happens.

28/05/21 13:56 to 14:24, +EQT WWW BUG

28/05/21 14:47 to 15:07, Working on WWW +EQT bug

30/05/21 07:03 to 07:36, let’s file a return. +EQT

2021-05-30 06:07:52, https://www.gov.uk/file-your-company-annual-accounts 2021-05-30 06:07:55, https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/accounts/corporation-tax 2021-05-30 06:07:55, https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/accounts/corporation-tax 2021-05-30 06:07:58, http://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/accounts/select-account-type 2021-05-30 06:07:58, https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/accounts/select-account-type 2021-05-30 06:08:01, https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/guides/accounts/chooser/micro-entity 2021-05-30 06:08:01, https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/guides/accounts/chooser/micro-entity 2021-05-30 06:08:06, https://ewf.companieshouse.gov.uk/ 2021-05-30 06:08:06, https://ewf.companieshouse.gov.uk//seclogin?tc=1 2021-05-30 06:08:18, https://ewf.companieshouse.gov.uk//runpage?page=companyAuthorisation&.dyn=71u-rMCoWl8AACXoJyEAAAAF 2021-05-30 06:08:27, http://equalitytime.co.uk/ 2021-05-30 06:08:30, https://equalitytime.co.uk/ 2021-05-30 06:08:53, https://ewf.companieshouse.gov.uk//runpage?page=companyWebFilingRegister 2021-05-30 06:09:04, https://ewf.companieshouse.gov.uk/runpage?page=recentFilings 2021-05-30 06:09:12, https://ewf.companieshouse.gov.uk//runpage?page=companyAuthorisation&.dyn=71u-rMCoWl8AACXoJyEAAAAF 2021-05-30 06:09:45, https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/late-filing-penalties/late-filing-penalties 2021-05-30 06:10:19, https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-d&q=gov.uk+filing+accounts 2021-05-30 06:10:39, https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/extensions 2021-05-30 06:10:59, https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/extensions/company-number 2021-05-30 06:11:00, https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/signin?return_to=/extensions/company-number 2021-05-30 06:11:50, https://identity.company-information.service.gov.uk/go/register/H2WabN8SxF5JEoD_j6Iz-F-K9i5mBCnTw-PPtLIXw5U 2021-05-30 06:11:50, https://identity.company-information.service.gov.uk/user/password/set 2021-05-30 06:12:24, https://identity.company-information.service.gov.uk/oauth2/user/signin 2021-05-30 06:12:29, https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/ 2021-05-30 06:12:35, https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/search?q=equality+time+ltd 2021-05-30 06:12:37, https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/company/09197133 2021-05-30 06:12:41, https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/company/09197133/filing-history 2021-05-30 06:12:43, https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/company/09197133/authorise?return_to=/company/09197133/filing-history 2021-05-30 06:13:33, https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/extensions/company-number 2021-05-30 06:13:33, https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/signin?return_to=/extensions/company-number 2021-05-30 06:13:33, https://identity.company-information.service.gov.uk/oauth2/authorise?client_id=309912450514.apps.ch.gov.uk&redirect_uri=https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/oauth2/user/callback&response_type=code&scope=https://account.companieshouse.gov.uk/user.write-full&state=eyJhbGciOiJkaXIiLCJ0eXAiOiJKV0UiLCJlbmMiOiJBMTI4Q0JDLUhTMjU2In0.._3_RnW6jnzTKFlImYZqcaA.l_qKQtHOjnVLhSaxiJkBvKyhHhDuwRJwguzD3sdjnPBoQQiH279-3UJlQRHPDa9UDWNpwVeRFL4kj-NaCMBNEQ.j3RAqF7oZ_K1PwtgxopkMQ 2021-05-30 06:13:34, https://identity.company-information.service.gov.uk/oauth2/user/signin?request=eyJ0eXAiOiJKV0UiLCJlbmMiOiJBMTI4Q0JDLUhTMjU2IiwiYWxnIjoiZGlyIn0..dY8obHmkHLvl4B6OWHwUWg.Ijoo24otph2N7UY5KnmseXMe6oZXH60nmsQ4DE9euWPMo2Eo-924PyrJIww_smMNoMx7gEHkK0hIStrt5Rgjk_0nCF-cd8c-s9yETEbOpY0kaEMTwAJs7TRDrWJdIdMGODcMUiTMP7g8gbRr_5JlF5XwWdYF7lIHl1P_j6TuxxkZVMT6m-5VDpM5D97G1YI2mfU-VNH2rjuGwXfOPWb585gYMiOfEJUZVu4sdznmGKmtV82-nFJ1TPknAA173OXv5lkf1YFfZtRewwzn8sSXpx2M1XVPely9JX3pQ9z83flELKEF5mxQQXl5hvaKjOiOuIrs75S1HPGcM-us6sZNh6LZ3G5QhdtacR3dVSg22fxKzBWmKjF169rSf823xNK0uYsvlBVPfrD5Mj3RJAhKMxG1y8pDzKnuz4SNOxq6Mjlk49vStE99q2nk3NxicvTcRv446VSz07yKRwxWNebPPaN1SS-zgu562v42I7DWIEknbT8HucnuKO_YZClJyz_JZgAgiJWhm8CxoWBgr9ewdbgPBUaqJkI8ikkqWlc82Pty2efyHqimPyMHz4ATzRy32fhYw73qUVJd0iWAAXUInqApqbcYAgm9upPWPsND_3J9xfmeRsjUua2OpQ3SwjUkaPtNmeGSuSSznYyWvlReK_UwasKW6fhywmUCy3SJ97ZRcCXPUcL2Ojj0U6W6mzafXfpveIU1u213jSUHuUtpwg.2qY6d0VgO-5QeOokUDhoqg 2021-05-30 06:13:43, https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/oauth2/user/callback?code=uXocDBFospbH5P71azejuSHQCN8wj8tH6sndFXPwhmQ&state=eyJhbGciOiJkaXIiLCJ0eXAiOiJKV0UiLCJlbmMiOiJBMTI4Q0JDLUhTMjU2In0.._3_RnW6jnzTKFlImYZqcaA.l_qKQtHOjnVLhSaxiJkBvKyhHhDuwRJwguzD3sdjnPBoQQiH279-3UJlQRHPDa9UDWNpwVeRFL4kj-NaCMBNEQ.j3RAqF7oZ_K1PwtgxopkMQ 2021-05-30 06:13:43, https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/extensions/company-number 2021-05-30 06:14:11, https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-d&q=equality+time+ltd+companies+house 2021-05-30 06:14:14, https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/company/09197133 2021-05-30 06:14:28, https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/extensions/confirm-company 2021-05-30 06:14:54, https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/extensions/choose-reason 2021-05-30 06:14:59, https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/extensions/add-extension-reason 2021-05-30 06:15:04, https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/extensions/choose-reason 2021-05-30 06:15:06, https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/extensions/accounts/accounts-date 2021-05-30 06:15:18, https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/extensions/accounts/accounts-information 2021-05-30 06:15:51, https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/extensions/document-option 2021-05-30 06:15:55, https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/extensions/add-extension-reason 2021-05-30 06:15:58, https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/extensions/check-your-answers 2021-05-30 06:16:02, https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/extensions/confirmation 2021-05-30 06:16:23, https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-d&q=+Apply+to+extend+your+accounts+filing+deadline++ 2021-05-30 06:16:40, https://www.cheapaccounting.co.uk/blog/index.php/companies-to-receive-3-month-extension-period-to-file-accounts-during-covid-19/ 2021-05-30 06:17:00, https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-d&q=companyies+house+post+tax+return 2021-05-30 06:17:10, https://www.gov.uk/file-your-company-accounts-and-tax-return 2021-05-30 06:17:49, https://www.gov.uk/company-filing-software/filing-annual-accounts-returns-and-tax-accounts 2021-05-30 06:18:14, https://www.iris.co.uk/iris-solutions/accountants-in-practice/iris-accounts-production 2021-05-30 06:18:15, https://www.iris.co.uk/sector/accountancy-software/iris-accounts-production 2021-05-30 06:18:15, https://www.iris.co.uk/products/iris-accounts-production/ 2021-05-30 06:18:46, https://www.gov.uk/tax-appeals/reasonable-excuses 2021-05-30 06:19:15, https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/corporation-tax-company-tax-return-ct600-2015-version-3 2021-05-30 06:19:27, https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/968856/CT600_2021_Version_3_04_21.pdf Tried companies house, turns out you need an authentication code which I have appliced for but which comes by post. Applied for an extension (and got it instantly) due to covid (which is correct, because I was furloughed)

01/06/21 08:18 to 08:29, Sorting boxes

01/06/21 08:35 to 08:41, File accounts for Charity Commission. +EQT

This is the link https://www.gov.uk/send-charity-annual-return?fbclid=IwAR0mD6L2nUG0nVwVARRBOncTubvd5Tigc9sqaKovTBcGMxDNCzQbcBYP3x0 (Server still busy at 09:33) (Server still busy at 10:14) (Server still busy at 11:11)

01/06/21 08:41 to 10:13, Working on https://github.com/eQualityTime/Public/issues/126 +EQT

01/06/21 10:13 to 10:47, https://github.com/eQualityTime/Public/issues/128 +EQT

  • Added some follow ups to do to email.
  • I updated the website with the new book and checeked it worked on size.

    01/06/21 10:44 to 11:31, https://github.com/eQualityTime/Public/issues/127 +EQT

    I’ve sorted out the merge using the following command

git log –graph –decorate –oneline git checkout –theirs images/covers/UCLAN2021.png

I also rewrote the issues, updated the contact page, rewrote the header, fixed the front page links and contacted RS for quote from teachers (which he later provided)

01/06/21 11:31 to 12:52, Lunch

  • And bleeching the inspection pit in the garage

01/06/21 12:53 to 14:01, The ‘accounts for charity commission website’ is now back. +EQT

I’ve filed the annual return and accounts with the charity commission. It took ages. I’ve also put the files in the public accounts document

01/06/21 14:07 to 14:19, Working on https://github.com/eQualityTime/Public/issues/126 +EQT

01/06/21 14:19 to 14:29, Break

01/06/21 14:30 to 14:35, Writing up my notes for +ERT work

01/06/21 14:35 to 15:07, Time to tidy up the todo list.

01/06/21 15:07 to 15:12, 81. Quick break to do r/maths +EQT

01/06/21 15:12 to 15:25, Back to the other thing

Okay, turning off stream and going to do social media. :)

02/06/21 06:34 to 07:55, Meeting Prep +EQT

Sorted out the trustee adding, the bank, and the pull approval

02/06/21 07:55 to 08:32, Reviewing a pull request +EQT

  • I approved it, raised a seperate issue.

02/06/21 08:33 to 08:47, Banking +EQT

Ordering the printing.

02/06/21 08:47 to 10:32, Email

02/06/21 11:00 to 11:12, Back to email.

02/06/21 11:12 to 11:33, Now +EQT email.

02/06/21 14:08 to 15:27, +EQT email

02/06/21 15:27, Social media checking

02/06/21 20:02 to 20:52, +EQT

03/06/21 07:56 to 08:12, Delores

03/06/21 08:12, Tidying up for work +EQT

03/06/21 08:45 to 09:01, Faffing with mouseless, but productively

03/06/21 09:00 to 09:52, +EQT meeting

03/06/21 09:57 to 10:19, Finding out about support emails +EQT

03/06/21 10:20 to 10:58, do we go live now?

Garage. Cleared inbox, cut up pallet, cleared wasp’s nest, dealt with mould a little more. Completely failed to find the stair gate part.

03/06/21 10:58 to 11:08, tidying up and doing the email forwarding with clare +EQT

03/06/21 11:08 to 12:05, I’ve been working on family trees.

It’s clear that there’s a problem with the latex genealogy tree only allowing a fairly restricted type of graph (NO union in parent, NO ability to use both parent and cilhd at hte same time. It might be the wrong tool for this job.

03/06/21 13:50 to 15:56, lots of home work.

  • Lots of garage, greasing nova’s door, cutting the new grill, fixing the side gate, setting up the teapot server, tidying up. Ordering stairgates. The whole shebag, reviewing notes, playing with browsers. Good STUFF.

04/06/21 06:17 to 06:22, Hello. Putting times on todo

07/06/21 08:30 to 09:29, Cronovirus job retention scheme +EQT

That took far too long.

07/06/21 09:34 to 10:52, +EQT working on the Open Voice Factory

07/06/21 11:32 to 15:30, +EQT working on the Open Voice Factory

  • Found that both the greek version and the vannila version get the same error.
  • Reminded myself that the code isn’t properly under version control (turns out I was wrong)
  • Reminded myself that the website is also NOT properly under version control.

While attempting to tidy up I got the error:

“fatal: could not create work tree dir ‘temp’: Disk quota exceeded”

so I deleted like 26 gigs of stuff. Unhelpfully that included the actual code.

  • Yak Shaving:
    • Applied for the microsoft non-profits work
    • Fixed the company number on the file.
  • While clearing space I accidentally deleted the code.
    • There is okay code in the repo, but it’s missing some updates (particularly hooking into the ovfplayer
    • Main one was reconnecting the ovfplayer code to the main system, which I did.
    • Even with the old code, the greek still doesn’t work
    • Took the opportunity to keep the code and the designs in separate folders and made some commits on that basis. * Cleaned up the designs folder more afterwards
    • Rewrote upload.php which the idea that it might take a CSS file
      • Found out that the CSS file I wanted wasn’t any good. (replaced it with one from WWW)
  • Found that there is a live version of the OVF site on github pages: http://equalitytime.github.io/TheOpenVoiceFactory/upload_board.html and attempted to get that working.
    • Used a couple of rounds of opendiff to compare with the server one.
    • Deleted the old site.
    • Lots of potential projects with the analytics now.
  • Moved on to the bug
    • Found out I can’t run localcreate at testing.* (eventually solved this by moving to python3

      ImportError: No module named lxml

    • Ran it on local machine
    • Got the classic error that we expected: UnicodeEncodeError: ‘ascii’ codec can’t encode characters in position 0-3: ordinal not in range(128)
    • Wrote up the notes.
    • Did some print statements (probably should be using a debugger by now (was doing this much more properly by the end of the bug)
    • Watching https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LOb7OUM0OGU in the hope that it will help.
    • Did lots of googling decode and encode. I think I’ve got it.

07/06/21 16:15 to 16:36, Back and doing the processsing +EQT

  • Looking at the unicode issue
    • Wow, we don’t use ‘decode’ anywhere in the text.
    • The encodes appear to be used in the right places.
    • I’ve fixed the existing bug by putting a ‘u’ in the right place. That was good. That was from the vide.
    • Decided to write some proper tests of the language.
  • Another error: ‘toppage’ is hardcoded (this turned out to have been fixed in a parrelle commit, and then needed fixing again later)

07/06/21 19:44 to 21:11, Back to it +EQT

  • discovered that ‘master’ is the wrong branch:

    This branch is 4 commits ahead, 9 commits behind production.

    • I’ve reviewed, and, other than some tweaks I’ve replicated. This is the only one that matters. https://github.com/eQualityTime/TheOpenVoiceFactory/commit/e80123869ea1a909d668e6bdba935e9007292a92. Right now I’ve got to concentrate on getting this working, and then doing the ‘from scratch’ version.
  • Unicode
    • I’ve got a file with some tests for encode/decode. I certainly understand it more. But NOT completely.
    • The main problem is that I’m converting filenames to ascii so I’ve got 100 greek filenames that convert to “”
    • I wrote a test to show I could write a file with a unicode name
    • So I’ve taken the encodes out… You get some fucking great names of boards.
  • Two debugging tricks in Python:
    • Adding -i (so python -i) drops you in the interpreter when the programm terminates
    • Adding the following code drops you into the interpret when you want import code code.interact(local=locals())
      • Pressing control-d runs the script again. That’s cool
      • From https://code-maven.com/switch-to-interactive-mode-from-python-script

08/06/21 06:31 to 07:41, Code again +EQT

  • Everything now writes in unicode
    • I found a way of getting the test to work by using a different library
    • The manifest is now writing much more nicely, but NOT entirely.
    • I’ve found a way (using https://stackoverflow.com/questions/18337407/saving-utf-8-texts-with-json-dumps-as-utf8-not-as-u-escape-sequence) to get the json to dump unicode

Everything appears to be running. Let’s test it… * Ha! The code isn’t being run on the server * Turns out that this was hidden because (due to the recovery yesterday) I’m NOT using the times as the scramble * The issue is the config - python wants the lxml library and I can’t work out how to install it.

08/06/21 07:41 to 10:39, Converting it to python3 and deploying . +EQT

There’s an issue with Dreamhost config- we can’t install a particular library for 2.7. Also, we’re starting to really suffer from the fact that this is writen in 2.7, which is pretty old and it’s hard to google for things. So I’m taking a break to see how easy it is to upgrade. It turns out it was relatively simple but we have an issue with col row.

  • Converting to python 3
    • Used 2to3 -w to start with
    • Had to convert a bunch of pixel sizes to ints (which is fair)
    • Had an issue with x and y’s being too large so added an exception and a warning
    • It ran quite quickly
    • But 7 tests failing.
    • I checked out if python2.7 was failing the tests as well because I hadn’t checked them since the unicode changes.
      • No, only failing two of them - arabic and slovakain.
    • First test to look at is the colour one, looks a lot like the col and row issue is to blamej
    • I built a massive test by outputting the funciton results in 2.7 and copied it over.
    • Ended up being really hacky and using // as the operator rather than properly rebuilding the method (it works though)
  • I’ve pushed it to server.
    • Now getting can’t find pptx.
      • I literally JUST copied the files
    • It runs!
    • Okay moment of truth, lets try it online.
    • Not working. Not telling us why NOT working either. Just NOT working.
  • So, now the problem is “Getting the error messages working again.
    • Did it: needs tidying
  • Okay, so now I’ve ended up with a problem in the obz. The ovfplayer isn’t accepting the toppage address.
    • Issue was a typo in the manifest.
  • It works, I’ve emailed people. Pushed a commit.

08/06/21 10:47 to 11:14, Let’s tidy up this file. +EQT

  • Both the previous records and the stack
  • Deployed the diary

08/06/21 11:34 to 12:05, Personal email

08/06/21 12:05 to 12:19, Working on the stack +EQT

  • Have put events in the calendar
  • Various github issues
  • Created this gist.
  • Want to complete the upload.php work

08/06/21 12:20 to 12:39, Fixing headphones

08/06/21 12:40 to 13:22, Personal email.

08/06/21 13:22 to 14:52, Now work email.s +EQT

Including a big review. Nice.

08/06/21 15:00 to 15:58, Richard’s house meeting

  • Also tidying up todo list.

09/06/21 08:12 to 09:56, Filing accounts +EQT

  • Started the process for filing accounts.
  • Ended up here: https://www.tax.service.gov.uk/cato/start-filing/eligibility/accounting-period
  • The helpline number for charity accounts is saved in phone.
  • I’ve added all the numbers we need so far to the Furlough/bus document.
  • Did some messing with upload.php while I was on hold.

09/06/21 09:56 to 10:55, Upload.php again +EQT

Fixed the issues and also upgraded the whole page. Even posts about it.

09/06/21 10:55 to 11:36, Writing the Turing Facebook post +EQT

09/06/21 11:36 to 11:51, Faffy faff faff .

09/06/21 11:51 to 12:21, Setting up the A/B testing again +EQT

  • The actual thing is really easy

    09/06/21 12:41 to 12:59, Mapping https://github.com/eQualityTime/Public/issues/129 +EQT

    09/06/21 13:00 to 13:05, Contact all of your journalist friends about flowers for turing. +EQT

    09/06/21 13:17 to 13:33, Wrote Letter to kids

    09/06/21 13:33 to 13:45, Sorting box

    09/06/21 13:45 to 14:09, (E) 10 Work out the next action for ‘you might also like section’ for white water writers. +EQT

    10/06/21 07:50 to 08:03, +EQT ‘Boosted’ a post on Facebook.

    10/06/21 08:03 to 08:20, Microsoft for Nonprofits and Github for nonprofites +EQT

    10/06/21 08:20 to 10:40, Really smashing the todo list. Really good

    10/06/21 13:00 to 13:50, Labeling the spending

  • I’ve got a fair amount to claim from the Joka card and from EQT, both of which need some work on the paperwork.

10/06/21 14:00 to 15:04, reddit? +EQT

15/06/21 12:15 to 12:45, +EQT Sorting out facebook ads.

16/06/21 08:43 to 08:57, Fixed a bug with the history.

16/06/21 09:51 to 10:28, Tidying boxes.

16/06/21 10:28 to 10:51, Properly processing this file.

16/06/21 10:51 to 12:54, Memory book

16/06/21 13:48 to 15:07, Memory book.

17/06/21 10:18 to 12:00, +EQT email.

17/06/21 12:00 to 12:16, Quick break to add artist to the THING. +EQT

17/06/21 12:16 to 13:02, +EQT email again.

17/06/21 14:38 to 15:07, Working on memory book

17/06/21 19:19 to 20:20, Sibs meeting

20/06/21 08:03 to 08:48, generating the pdfs for memory book

21/06/21 08:20 to 10:01, Working on +EQT forms and cheques at home

(Some office tidying)

21/06/21 10:17 to 11:12, Working on +EQT crypocurrency

21/06/21 11:12 to 11:51, Post office with +EQT forms and cheques

21/06/21 11:50 to 11:59, Tidying up this file.

21/06/21 12:09 to 12:23, Tiding git repos

21/06/21 12:23 to 12:43, Lunch

21/06/21 12:43 to 13:20, Started code +EQT

  • Fixed a bunch of repos
  • Separating out the website for OVF. I ended up dropping the history. It should appear at: https://equalitytime.github.io/TheOpenVoiceFactory-site/
  • When it’s done we have to
    • test it works
    • Improve the redirect from Dreamhost
    • Remove the site from the old repo

21/06/21 13:20 to 13:36, Updating github issue

21/06/21 13:36 to 14:30, (D) 15 Setup teapot and monitor in Garage https://github.com/joereddington/Projects-Public/issues/17 +PersonalProjects

  • Cursed by a lack of internet

21/06/21 19:30 to 19:47, Working on FFT +EQT

22/06/21 20:29, FFT sheet ready to download. +EQt

  • Apparently NOT, I had to request another one.

    21/06/21 20:33 to 21:05, Household spending

    21/06/21 21:05 to 21:29, FFT again. +EQT

    Sending message to mum and also double checking the Fbook page

22/06/21 08:51 to 09:09, Tidying

22/06/21 11:49 to 12:18, Back for a brief email while I work out where we are for kat dinner

22/06/21 15:57 to 16:08, Finished personal email.

23/06/21 07:15 to 08:00, Flowers for Turing media +EQT

23/06/21 08:30 to 09:10, Mostly flowers for turing this morning +EQT

  • Informing people about breach
  • Updating website

23/06/21 09:10 to 15:00, +EQT it was all day, Flowers For Turing was all day, and when it wasn’t that it was email.

24/06/21 08:40 to 10:00, +EQT fake news meeting and prep (and some email)

24/06/21 15:00 to 15:40, +EQT interview by masters students

25/06/21 06:08 to 07:12, Flowers For Turing Write up. +EQT

25/06/21 19:50, I wrote a software quesiton on stackexchange about the food labels.

25/06/21 20:16 to 21:50, Doing the donation. +EQT (and email, and finance)

  • Downloaded and imported bank records - created a client trust account for FFT.
  • Created two bills.
  • Now processing emails for other fiance.

28/06/21 10:21 to 11:11, Working on Purple Umbrella with mum

28/06/21 11:11 to 15:13, +EQT OVF bug

  • Downloaded the greek version.
  • Found the error : there is a problem that ‘backspace’ isn’t supported
  • I sorted out the Microsoft office licnece
  • I improved the debugging information
  • I split the classes out into their own files.
    • Everything left in the ‘main’ file is a OBF file…
  • Discovered that the bug was also in the english version.
  • I refactored a bit and broke two more of the regression tests.
  • I fixed the bug, and then found a second problem in the ovfplayer https://github.com/eQualityTime/ovfplayer/issues/188 - I’ve got a small hack in place to deal with
    • I rebased to squash some commits together and have pushed. Now let’s see if it worked

29/06/21 08:42 to 09:13, Personal email

29/06/21 09:13 to 11:02, +EQT emails

  • Including putting up information on reddit and facebook about turing.
  • Posting to Facebook.

29/06/21 11:02 to 11:51, Faffing with vim.

  • Eventually wrote this queston and solved the problem later https://vi.stackexchange.com/questions/31709/taglist-isnt-reading-custom-markdown-tags/31712#31712

29/06/21 11:51 to 12:58, Social media.

Including blog. All done for now.

29/06/21 13:29 to 15:20, General prune and reorganisation of the todo list.

29/06/21 15:20 to 15:46, Working on Kat’s corrections for memory book.

29/06/21 21:31 to 22:00, Doing corrections on book.

29/06/21 22:00 to 22:42, Working on Makefiles.

  • I’ve added a makefile to the memorybook. It works, but NOT with watching.
  • Reading https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Make_(software). Some ideas:
    • Make might be a good idea for updating the White Water Writers site, or for processing some emails. Maybe it is how the WWW camps should be launched, and the OVF site.
  • Vim lets me use :make copen, which is nice, but I’d like to investigate the python approach

30/06/21 10:50 to 11:11, Fillding with vim.

  • Found out that you can read a session with vim.

30/06/21 11:12 to 11:50, (C) 60 full review of the +EQT list.

  • Got rid of a bunch that had already been done.
  • Spend some time in https://github.com/orgs/eQualityTime/projects/4
    • Closed tasks
    • Moved Tasks
    • Archived things and updated them
    • As a result I deleted all the Github tasks on the basis that most of them where out of date.
    • This left 20

30/06/21 11:51 to 12:30, Brainstorming on +EQT media

30/06/21 19:42 to 19:46, Run igor again on +EQT

  • should have said it was JUST vision.

30/06/21 19:47 to 19:52, Photo editing.

  • Checking that we really did import the images.
  • I did NOT, doing now.

30/06/21 21:06 to 21:40, Photo editing

30/06/21 21:40, Now doing vimrc tabs

30/06/21 21:41 to 21:45, Fixing tabs in vimrc

  • With the aid of https://vi.stackexchange.com/questions/13080/setting-tab-to-2-spaces

    30/06/21 21:51, Working out +EQT timesheet

    I worked 56 hours 55 minutes

01/07/21 08:46 to 09:05, Fill out furlough form and send to Sarah. +EQT

Did the form (using the document, and send the email to sarah. On fire this morning.

01/07/21 09:06 to 10:38, (A rsday) 40 Work through Kat’s Feedback on book and send to magic people. https://github.com/joereddington/Projects-Public/issues/35

  • <5 min interupt to book Nova’s soft play
  • Completed all Kat feedback and sent her back the questions. Now to improve the magic generation.
  • Git

01/07/21 10:38 to 11:18, Playing with Makefiles

  • There is now a memory book Make file that will generate files with the correct name.

01/07/21 11:18 to 11:42, Memory book. I generated a bunch of files and then I messaged them.

  • Took almost exactly the same amount of time as doing it by hand but :shrug

01/07/21 11:43 to 11:46, (B so I can work.) Setup Proper github personal access token. +EQT

*Couldn’t work out what needed changing

01/07/21 12:07 to 12:41, Recording Podcase for YS +EQT

(B) 40 Record a podcast for Yvonne’s friend.

01/07/21 13:36 to 13:58, Working thorugh +EQT blogs to do.

  • Looking at the analytics for Flowers For Turing, it’s amazing how few people give a shit about all the other pages on the website. Almost nobody visited the FAQ and they didn’t tend to go through to the Donate page.

01/07/21 14:02 to 14:36, (A) File the proper accounts +EQT @private

Not only do I think I’ve done this, and written it up as a document. I think it’s done.

05/07/21 08:16 to 08:26, +EQT messaging

05/07/21 08:27 to 08:41, Opening paperwork

  • Delores ect

05/07/21 08:59 to 09:06, * Make it clear that 2020 didn’t run on FFT website +EQT

  • Tested, committed, and pushed

05/07/21 09:09 to 09:13, Process this file.

  • Todo pushed

05/07/21 09:14 to 09:22, (A 25th July) Setup standing order for Nova’s gymnastics (£25 starting 1st August)

05/07/21 09:26 to 09:39, (.) Write blog post with the accounts in it https://github.com/eQualityTime/Public/issues/118 +EQT

05/07/21 09:39, (A) map project:The OVF language files - I’ve been asked for examples of all the different langugages I have Communicate in, and it’s pulling on a messy thread. The solution is clearly to do the start from scratch approach but that feels like a right pain. Hmmm. +EQT

This is waiting for a fix from clare

05/07/21 09:41 to 10:33, (B) 20 Write up Data breach +EQT

05/07/21 10:34 to 10:39, dealing with Delores

05/07/21 10:40 to 11:58, Working on https://github.com/eQualityTime/Public/issues/127 +EQT

The White Water Writers website now has reasonable analytics and it’s getting some hits from Google Ads. But those hits are not converting, partly they are aimed badly.

All of the adds need to be aimed at the homepage, and then a funnel will take them through to the contact us page.

  • To do this right, I need to properly understand the ads. Then I need to rebuild the site with a funnel and some A/B testing.

05/07/21 12:40 to 14:43, Continuing Google Ads Training +EQT

  • Back after lunch.
  • Failed an assessment (by two questions) - will retake in 24 hours.
  • Written out my notes below.
    Logged in with my joe.reddington@gmail account.

06/07/21 07:57 to 09:09, local email first.

06/07/21 09:09 to 09:23, Now +EQT email

06/07/21 09:23 to 10:07, Updating Mouse Sniper so that it takes screenshots.

06/07/21 10:08 to 11:16, Back to email +EQT

06/07/21 11:17 to 12:03, Gratitude Post L took a lot longer than it should

06/07/21 12:04 to 12:50, Working on Google Ads Training +EQT

06/07/21 13:21 to 16:20, Back after lunch +EQT

  • Took and passed the display certification
  • Took and failed the Search Certification 78%(!)
  • I’ve worked out how to show the quality score for keywords.
  • Started writing a proper ad that is aimed at teachers - was doing the extensions.

    07/07/21 08:58 to 09:35, Checking in with lizzie +EQT

    07/07/21 09:35 to 11:02, +EQT working on https://github.com/eQualityTime/Public/issues/131

    07/07/21 11:06 to 12:49, Working on https://github.com/eQualityTime/Public/issues/127 +EQT

    07/07/21 13:10 to 14:47, Working on https://github.com/eQualityTime/Public/issues/127 +EQT

  • We resize images with “magick mogrify -resize 625 *.jpg “

    07/07/21 14:48 to 15:00, Working on https://github.com/eQualityTime/Public/issues/127 +EQT (analytics)

    07/07/21 15:00 to 16:00, +EQT Working on https://github.com/eQualityTime/Public/issues/131

    07/07/21 16:00 to 16:08, Reviewing data +EQT

  • There’s a new website
  • The new website has a proper (I think) funnel.
  • There are new ads that hopefully will work better.
  • We now put it down for a week to get some data. (Although we’ll do some more google ad training and exam passing.

07/07/21 20:27 to 21:27, +EQT meeting and setting meeting(s) up with chair.

07/07/21 22:24 to 23:16, +EQT More work on Working on https://github.com/eQualityTime/Public/issues/131

08/07/21 08:00 to 08:30, Hello I’m sorting out timesheet. +EQT

08/07/21 08:30 to 09:10, Call with Lizzie +EQT

08/07/21 09:10, Reviewing yesterday’s work, following up, tidying up. +EQT

10/07/21 13:51 to 14:27, Tidying up with delores

10/07/21 14:30 to 14:33, Find out why the todo.txt plugin isn’t wokring.

10/07/21 14:34 to 15:13, Get next set of Monpig cards

10/07/21 15:18 to 15:48, (E) 20 Add ‘click counting’ to mousesniper. on: https://github.com/joereddington/Projects-Public/issues/52 +PersonalProjects

10/07/21 15:48 to 16:08, Cleaning up todo list.

10/07/21 16:11 to 16:15, Proud of eating habits.

12/07/21 09:07 to 12:16, Working on https://github.com/eQualityTime/Public/issues/131 +EQT

12/07/21 13:44 to 14:21, Working on https://github.com/eQualityTime/Public/issues/131 +EQT

13/07/21 07:56 to 08:00, Checking +EQT google ads.

13/07/21 08:10 to 10:50, email. +EQT

13/07/21 12:17 to 12:27, +EQT https://github.com/eQualityTime/Public/issues/131

13/07/21 12:27 to 12:28, Writing up timesheet +EQT

13/07/21 12:24 to 16:01, Working through the +EQT todos

13/07/21 16:57 to 18:00, +EQT networking

14/07/21 10:12 to 10:22, Processing this file +EQT

14/07/21 10:22 to 12:13, Claim expenses +EQT

I’ve put in three expenses and confessed to Sarah

14/07/21 12:13 to 12:33, Messaging the guy +EQT

14/07/21 13:14 to 13:35, Due dilligence and linkedin sorting +EQT

14/07/21 13:41 to 13:51, Investigating mailchimp +EQT

  • First of all, we don’t have that many subscribers
  • We can email them via mailchimp, that’s cool.
  • But it feels like a solution waiting for a problem.

14/07/21 13:51 to 14:01, +EQT downgrading github

14/07/21 14:01 to 14:20, Had a bit of a break.

14/07/21 14:20 to 14:32, did a cryptocurrency policy. +EQT

14/07/21 14:32 to 14:48, Working on OVF site. +EQT

14/07/21 14:48 to 15:31, +EQT pitching mats https://github.com/eQualityTime/Public/issues/93

14/07/21 15:31 to 16:20, Working on Jouranlist list.

15/07/21 08:18 to 08:28, Good morning. Meeting Prep +EQT

19/07/21 08:45 to 09:01, fixing IDE +EQT

19/07/21 09:08 to 09:27, Reporting a vim bug.

Have reported https://github.com/ipod825/vim-tabdrop/issues/1 Useful for https://vi.stackexchange.com/questions/10014/navigate-to-tag-in-a-new-tab-if-not-already-opened-like-tab-drop

19/07/21 10:23 to 11:37, Doing sleep project for fun.

  • Working on sleep project
  • didn’t find a proper coraspondence between the sleep and keto, which I thought was odd.
  • been stripping down the sleep tracking code. From well over 300 lines to 135.
  • Added a ‘in the last week’ option.
  • Done some work on that.

20/07/21 10:49 to 12:08, Email and early paperwork +EQT

20/07/21 12:08 to 13:10, lunch wih Kat

20/07/21 13:10 to 14:36, Finished email for now (waiting on some messages) +EQT

20/07/21 14:37 to 15:13, Photo editing.

20/07/21 15:14, Gratitude

20/07/21 15:39, No, let’s get the stuff off the paper and be read for tomorrow.

23/07/21 07:35 to 08:12, Organising papers and plans +EQT

It’s a family day, so food is taken care of. Exercise: I’m thinking I take Leo out in the buggy later. That will be fun.

23/07/21 08:12 to 09:03, Working on personal todos

26/07/21 08:16 to 09:59, Book.

26/07/21 10:10 to 12:40, Working on book.

  • Went through the last of the corrections from Kat
  • Reviewed them with her and got four more.
  • Drafted email to Ed
  • Drafted Citation email
  • Went to some trouble to create the csv file
  • Send the email. * Panic*

26/07/21 14:00 to 15:16, Attacking the todo list

27/07/21 06:23 to 07:12, Editing Videos +EQT

27/07/21 09:04 to 11:24, +EQT meeting

27/07/21 11:30 to 11:55, Now email.

27/07/21 13:16 to 15:49, Email. +EQT

27/07/21 15:49 to 15:54, Sorting out this file +EQT

28/07/21 08:01 to 09:27, Completing email +EQT

28/07/21 09:27 to 12:25, https://github.com/eQualityTime/Public/issues/94 +EQT

28/07/21 13:23 to 13:29, Finding out about Nova gymnastics.

28/07/21 13:31 to 14:12, check out Clara’s email 2021-07-28 +EQT

28/07/21 14:48 to 14:51, Back +EQT

29/07/21 09:08 to 09:28, +EQT busywork.

29/07/21 09:28 to 12:09, going live on the arts council work. +EQT

  • Writing up to start with.

  • Started working on the finance section because I thought it would be easier

    • It’s difficult, because I have to go through the budget in detail and add a lot more information, including three quotes from everybody.
    • I’ve done the management question, but now I do the proper budget
    • I did some reading around and found that there were more prompts available https://www.artscouncil.org.uk/sites/default/files/download-file/Unsuccessful_GFTA_applications_over_15000_Oct_2016.pdf
    • I considered taking the contingency for unexpected costs out of the budget but decided against it as nobody had complained.
    • The management question is done, but long, it will get cut down in simplewriter.
    • Need to be sending this to reviewer at 3pm.
    • Looked properly at the things that the reviewers say that look at and it’s a really mixed bag so I have to put everything in.
    • Did an experiment - it turns out the description in the budget table can take at least 2000 characters, which means that’s where I’ve got to fully describe what is happening in really solid detail
    • Finding multiple quotes for venue hire and things

29/07/21 12:09 to 12:38, Going to go for a break to make Kat lunch.

29/07/21 12:38 to 14:23, Back on arts council +EQT

  • Mostly trying to find three quotes for every expense.
  • I’ve moved around some of the costs
  • Lots of quotes have to come in by email.
  • Brand design was done on laptop.
  • Switched to the management section while I wait for quotes

Is there anything else I can be doing while I wait?

01/08/21 18:53 to 18:54, Timesheet work. +EQT

02/08/21 07:49 to 08:02, starting with timesheet and organisation +EQT

  • Well, nowhere near up to full strength.

    02/08/21 08:03 to 08:52, +EQT working on https://github.com/eQualityTime/Public/issues/94

    02/08/21 09:46 to 11:29, +EQT working on https://github.com/eQualityTime/Public/issues/94

    02/08/21 13:03 to 13:45, +EQT working on https://github.com/eQualityTime/Public/issues/94

02/08/21 14:56 to 15:23, +EQT working on https://github.com/eQualityTime/Public/issues/94

02/08/21 20:11 to 21:04, Working on +EQT https://github.com/eQualityTime/Public/issues/94

  • I starting thinking I wanted to just send-and-forget, but actually that’s NOT right, I want to complete this and I’m willing to take the time.

03/08/21 08:14 to 09:02, Fixing a dreamhost problem +EQT

03/08/21 11:24 to 11:46, Doing photos.

What did I learn from this editing?

  • Food needs to be in focus
  • More photos are better.
  • The lego needs multiple lights from the side so as to show the detail.

03/08/21 12:14 to 12:22, Email

03/08/21 12:22 to 13:10, +EQT email

03/08/21 14:54 to 15:07, Processing Notes +EQT

  • Arts Council Notes
  • timesheet notes.

03/08/21 15:07 to 15:24, Delores +EQT

03/08/21 15:48 to 16:16, Delores paperwork +EQT

03/08/21 20:34 to 20:55, Working +EQT

  • Processed the box
  • Working out the bookmarks - turns out you can do some interesting THINGs
  • Make sure you know what you ‘big thing’ for the week is.
    • I mean, I have two working days left. That’s money, and then funding. Possibly even the project real STUFF.

03/08/21 20:55 to 20:57, (A) Lookup food guidance around child choaking

https://www.nhs.uk/start4life/weaning/what-to-feed-your-baby/around-6-months/ Is a start

04/08/21 08:04 to 08:17, +EQT Doing wages

Doing wages. 0.72500(1-0.56.5)

04/08/21 08:17 to 08:38, Starting up +EQT

  • Tidying up calendar, sorting paperwork
  • Working out my approach

04/08/21 08:39 to 10:06, Empty +EQT inbox

  • Sorting out some detrius from the previous day.
  • Did the asking about papers
  • Ordered some books.
  • I think I’ve got a recording to listen to! Yay

04/08/21 10:06 to 10:42, Social media processing

04/08/21 11:13 to 11:27, +EQT printing of bank THING

04/08/21 10:49 to 12:47, 140 tasks. three minutes on each. I think I can do better.

Attacked this with great vigor. Amazed to discover it’s less than two hours. Todo list is now 50 elements. and a bunch of those have been moved forward.

04/08/21 12:27 to 13:24, Lunch with Kat

04/08/21 13:25 to 13:52, +EQT meeting actions

04/08/21 14:14 to 15:14, Here

Just smacking the todo list around

05/08/21 09:01 to 10:01, +EQT Meeting for Fake news

05/08/21 13:15 to 13:45, Looking at email and the Fore +EQT

05/08/21 14:26 to 15:30, +EQT The fore

  • Put CV online
  • Sending

24/08/21 07:38 to 11:27, Email +EQT

Email - lots of clearing out.

24/08/21 13:10 to 15:03, +EQT casually attacking the todo list

  • Working on the Project Real. It needs a site.

24/08/21 15:03 to 15:26, Working on the project real site +EQT

Now waiting for DNS progression

25/08/21 06:18 to 06:40, let’s check the site. +EQT

  • Made some fixes to the project real site
  • Reviewed a bunch of projects and either ticked them off, cleaned them out, or put in the text to move them forward.
  • Only 28 or so left.

25/08/21 06:43 to 06:52, Going into Analytics +EQT

Hmmm There is analytics, but it isn’t triggering - I would check if I could see it with view source but I need the dns to work for that.

25/08/21 08:15 to 09:11, Working on various site and analytics work +EQT

  • I’ve tried adding tracking, I’ll wait for it to load and then come back* I’ve removed baseurl from the project real site to see if that improves matters.
  • I think I make some progress with the WWW onemorechapter

25/08/21 09:11 to 09:36, 20 T-shirt ideas +EQT

Well, this feels like the wrong place to start.

1 This is my cosplay 2 #tictactoe 3 Do not sell this person stationary. 4 Please do not sell me stationary. 5 Do not sell this person a bike. 6 Do not sell this person a boardgame. 7 I collect video games and other people’s problems 8 I didn’t expect to leave the house today. 9 Serious Con 10 Conventionally Comic 11 Unconventionally Comic. 12 This is too Conventional. 13 I thought it stood for Man Crush Monday. 14 The silence is only awkward for you. 15 I can’t tell you if you are cosplaying right now. 16 Comic Convent 17 You are my people. 18 These are my people. 19 Pay for Art 20 This place should have a library.

25/08/21 09:37, Cute, I like it, I’ve done well with that, and now it looks like I might try a thing at comic con +EQT

25/08/21 09:38 to 10:47, Working on list, mostly project real +EQT

  • Did unity check.
  • Project real site is working, let me look at the analytics
  • Spent 20 minutes learning about git, I have updated the Project Real tracking code.
  • Yay! The tracking code is working!
  • I have submitted a request for an additional domain for google ads.

25/08/21 11:05 to 11:16, +EQT

  • Responded to a WWW query
  • Found out the OVF site isn’t working.
  • Started running it locally.

    26/08/21 09:06 to 09:23, Gratitude

    26/08/21 09:23 to 10:57, Delores

  • Not doing watching because I don’t have the right headphones
  • I’ve got to undo a commit and I’m honestly unsure. I want to get this properly right and make the notes.
  • Clearing up some messages
  • Processing paper
  • Fixed a bug on the ovf site

26/08/21 10:57 to 11:13, Make Seiten

27/08/21 06:08, Hello

Up before kids!

27/08/21 06:13 to 07:06, Okay this appears to be the oldest and hardest (D) 10 Look at 10 Year Plan and brainstorm entirely new Wheel of Life https://github.com/joereddington/Projects-Private/issues/107 +PersonalProjects 2021-07-28

Okay, then year plan is written out a bit more, I’ve got steps to take. Very satisfying

27/08/21 07:41, Did some work on photos and some work on writng out an argument tree. Also enrolled on my chemistry course! Yay!

02/09/21 07:02 to 08:00, Processing +EQT inbox.

  • Send balance sheet and profit and loss against budget.
  • And small gratitude

03/09/21 06:42 to 06:55, Work through the policies THING. +EQT

03/09/21 06:55 to 07:35, Photo ediitng

03/09/21 07:35 to 08:14, delores

03/09/21 08:16 to 08:26, fixing the deploy script +eqt

04/09/21 11:15 to 13:00, working on https://github.com/equalitytime/public/issues/94 +eqt

07/09/21 19:46 to 21:00, hello. +eqt

08/09/21 06:27 to 06:35, good morning. +eqt

08/09/21 06:35 to 07:32, at desk

13/09/21 11:23 to 12:21, Hello! +EQT

Processing with Delores and taking the opportunity to convert it to a Jekyll site

  • Plan exercise feels really redundant with the new approach
  • Reviewing the previous day - that’s a lot of pointless Facebook.

13/09/21 12:27 to 12:45, +EQT

13/09/21 13:49 to 16:24, +EQT

Sorted through emails, and then got very distracted by a letter from HMRC and a couple of calls.

  • Filed our confirmation statement for the year.
  • Discovered we have paid amazon in ages
  • I’ve set up three THINGs in unity and qucikbooks but they need to be actioned.

14/09/21 08:00 to 10:25, Kids and School run run.

14/09/21 10:25 to 11:07, +EQT General sorting emails and getting on top of everything

14/09/21 11:07 to 12:00, +EQT delores has started.

  • Clearing deck.
  • Talking to clare

14/09/21 12:18 to 14:43, Arts grant +EQT


14/09/21 14:43 to 15:00, Working on the stack +EQT

  • Including brainstorming on ‘lists for individual people’

14/09/21 15:00 to 15:52, Post Accounts - that +EQT

  • Went to the post office to post accounts
  • Also did some other posting including the bank STUFF.

14/09/21 15:52 to 16:35, Working https://github.com/joereddington/Projects-Public/issues/35

15/09/21 08:00 to 10:00, Kids and school run run.

15/09/21 10:17 to 10:45, +EQT working on https://github.com/eQualityTime/Public/issues/131

15/09/21 10:45 to 11:07, +EQT struggling to find a goal for the day

15/09/21 11:07 to 11:18, Working down the stack.

15/09/21 11:18 to 12:44, Email +EQT

  • I also put together lunch.

15/09/21 13:21, Been working for a while but it cancels out +EQT

  • Emails are kicking my arise. I think I need an afternoon attack of the todo list.

15/09/21 13:21 to 14:18, Attacking the todo list in a picky vulture way +EQT

*ticking THINGs off, a little.

  • Cropped it down to 26 hard THINGs. I think they will wait until tomorrow.

15/09/21 14:18 to 14:52, Now the home list.

Starts with 128 items Down to 72 items

15/09/21 16:30 to 16:57, Back for a spell

Home list is down to 56

16/09/21 10:11 to 11:33, +EQT

  • Checked google ads is fine
  • Now the email
  • Have emailed trustees
  • Cleared the rest of the inbox Big things for today are:
  • Do that website
  • Gratitude post

16/09/21 13:01 to 13:24, Doing Gratitude

16/09/21 14:06 to 14:34, (B Trustees) 20 Open Quickbooks and draft an +EQT annual budget

16/09/21 14:48 to 15:37, (C) Working on https://github.com/eQualityTime/Home/issues/108

17/09/21 07:53 to 10:54, Working on https://github.com/eQualityTime/Public/issues/124

20/09/21 09:52 to 10:45, Delores

Just a massive faff with Delores

20/09/21 10:45 to 12:11, Starting again +EQT

  • At ‘clear stack’
  • Updated delores
  • Made seiten while office cleaned
  • Cleared stack
  • Moved THINGs to *.todo.txt
  • Processed this file.

20/09/21 12:56 to 13:05, Working out plans for the week +EQT

  • Open Voice Factory including ads?
  • Emailing all the schools? All of them?
  • The project real follow up?
  • The Scotland Grant

I think the Open Voice Factory would be nice. Get the ads working as well. I’ve got some impetus.

20/09/21 13:29 to 13:59, Lunch

20/09/21 13:59 to 15:10, meeting and reviewing document for Yvonne +EQT

21/09/21 06:48 to 07:28, Working on https://github.com/eQualityTime/TheOpenVoiceFactory/issues/136 +EQT

I’m having an OVF day.

  • Created an issue from the email
  • Create a test file and documented it more nicely in the issue - along with links and so on.
  • Checked in with https://www.openboardformat.org/docs It looks like the first part of the problem (the display bit) is as simple as using ‘vocalisation’ rather than label.

21/09/21 07:29 to 07:54, OVF regression tests +EQT

Before properly working on the bug I’d like to take the opportunity to fix the regression tests.

  • Currently 4 tests are failing and 1 has an error. The error definitely needs to be fixed.
  • Took a long time to fix test_create_obf_object but it’s fine.
  • Decided it would be good to have a script that generated the regressions, and then found that some genius had already written one.

21/09/21 08:00 to 09:50, Children and school run

21/09/21 09:51 to 12:13, Regression tests +EQT

  • I upgraded generate_regressions.py to python3 and fixed a bug
  • The failing arabic test was a real bug from upgrading the main code to python 3 - turns out you CAN’T implicity cast exceptions to string any more.
  • I’ve updated the regressions and carefully committed THINGs
  • I’ve upgraded generate regressions again so that it works for both directories. (there were two files)
  • I’ve put all the testing files in the tests directly, and improved some of the rest of the structure.
  • After a lot of effort we now run tests with

python3 -m unittest

  • Learned about and implemented subtests

21/09/21 12:13 to 13:06, let’s lok at ovfplayer +EQT

Small diversion looking at ovfplayer

  • Checked that I could run it with the commands
    • ng serve
    • but only after npm install
    • Discovered how to use the assets folder to serve a file
    • (later) discovered how to access that file from the ovfplayer instance, so I can now develop entirely offline.

21/09/21 13:06 to 14:58, https://github.com/eQualityTime/TheOpenVoiceFactory/issues/136 Back on the main bug +EQT

  • I’ve made some changes
  • Did some unrelated refactoring (to make testing easier, but didn’t write tests)
  • Discovered that I CAN’T run tests on server because the init.py files
  • Wrote response to bug reporter and shared with developers.

21/09/21 14:58 to 15:26, +EQT sorting through issues for OVF - starting to look like a proper project.

  • Responding to other messages about OVF

21/09/21 15:27 to 16:07, Social media process

Can I now stay off until tomorrow? EDIT - I did, but not much today.

21/09/21 16:07 to 16:20 prepping for Judo

21/09/21 19:58 to 20:10, Doing sneaky bonus email to get ahead of tomorrow. +EQT

Not much in there actually…

  • Did a quickbooks bill

21/09/21 20:10 to 20:38, Playing with calorie tracker

Okay, so what’s the advantage of command line?

  • Don’t need phone
  • Encourages simplicity - no carbs
  • Just a list.
  • Easy entry.
  • Computer is where I do a reasonable amount of my eating
  • Lists over a week.
  • Copy-paste for repeated meals.
  • Can do while working.

Let’s give it a go. Tracking is going to be useful. It will be a bit tricky at weekends, but even if it’s only tracking on weekdays, it’s pretty good.

22/09/21 06:46 to 07:29, Good morning +EQT

  • Bought myself a python books
  • Clearing out email
  • This file is becoming quite difficult.

22/09/21 14:10 to 14:46, Delores again +EQT

  • Find out big thing for week.
  • It looks like the Scotish Arts funding doesn’t it?
  • Sorted out bike stuff.

24/09/21 05:07 to 06:08, Let’s look at that bug. +EQT

  • Don’t know how to test for it but let’s have a look.
  • I mean, one problem is that we export the images as a side effect…
  • Moved that, got 6 errors(!)
  • crap, it’s because you have to label the images first
  • Okay, so an easy way to do this is fine the damn image
    • Done. Now let’s look at the code
  • Reversing it made a tiny difference, but hardly proper.
  • Um, I think I did it, even if I don’t understand the code… t

  • I did some more refactoring, but it’s hardly amazing stuff.
  • Running tests and getting ready to push
  • Oh wow, closed issue with commit message!
  • And it’s live! Testing now.

28/09/21 10:34 to 10:49, Putting delores online.

  • It’s now online at https://joereddington.github.io/Delores/ I’ve also learned a lot about the Vex command and improved some vim stuff.

28/09/21 10:49 to 12:39, Following delores +EQT

  • Mostly overhead stuff.
  • Delores is diagnosing some errors with my workflow:
    • process calendar wasn’t in there at all.
    • There is a big problem with the stack having low prioirty items on it.
      • Such as the jekyll export, which I’ve happily now fixed but…
  • Now processing this damn file.

28/09/21 12:39 to 13:13, Following delores

  • Putting dates on all the todo list items
  • oldest task on personal is to do garage stuff. so what do i want from a garage? what would make it awesome?
    • what do i want that would make it awesome.
      • getting rid of lots of old crap.
      • organised place/shelves for bike units.
      • no mould
      • a use for the pit
      • A full day, including going to B&Q to get boxes and so on.
      • A bigger inbox and a regular action to empty it.
    • I did some processing of the gargage. Increased the amount of order. Have sent some questions to Kat. Will go back in tomorrow MAYBE ? Update: went in tomorrow. Did more, looking steadily better

28/09/21 13:16, (A) 15 search email for all pptx files again and put them in the regressions file. on: https://github.com/eQualityTime/Public/issues/132 +EQT 2021-08-27

Found three of them in the branches of communikate - I forgot I did that. And it’s a better place for them to be really. But I’m putting them in the regression tests because I want some more regression tests and I want them in the same place.

28/09/21 13:37 to 14:24, Press release? +EQT

I’m failing at this, how would I write it for reddit.

We hired influencers to help teenagers make resources about fake profiles on social media and they’ve had great results.

Three groups of students in different schools interviewed a set of influencers on private zoom calls and used that content as the basis for creating resources for other students.

Those resources were given to the rest of the schools and, when we tested everybody, we found that their ability to critically evaluate the content they see on the internet went up improved nicely.

It boils down to “Teenagers are probably not going to listen to parents or teachers about social media, so let’s meet them where they are because they are going to listen to influencers”. There’s lots of nice comments on <a href=http://www.projectreal.co.uk/>projectreal.co.uk</a>.

29/09/21 07:28 to 07:54, +EQT processing

  • Open on public.
  • Adding to todo.
  • I setup a new project about email
  • I edited delores a bit.

29/09/21 12:55 to 13:14, +EQT Delores

  • Already distracted by delores
    • Where does Process Social media go?
    • Where does ‘go live’ go?
    • Made some alterations
  • Processed this file
  • Big thing for the week is the Scottish arts council.
  • Is it me or do we only see the automatic calendar stuff from exactly a week ago?

30/09/21 13:22 to 13:27, (A) Work on: https://github.com/eQualityTime/Public/issues/132 +EQT 2021-09-22

29/09/21 13:28 to 13:42, (A) read https://www.gov.uk/guidance/safeguarding-duties-for-charity-trustees 2021-09-20

  • Notably, you always review safeguarding policy after a serious incident.
  • I’m unclear if our policy properly lays out how we would handle an safeguarding issue, other than ‘deal with it sensitively.’
  • “Have clear policies on bullying and harassment, and whistleblowing”, um, we don’t have those, but we don’t really have enough staff at this point.
  • Notably, we don’t do due dilligence with people, because we assume that our clients (schools, univerisities, prisions) have need of much more rigorous standards than we require, but we don’t officially say that
  • “All charities must prevent abuse for extremist purposes.”, “must be part of your charity’s risk assessments, policies and procedures.” We need an anti terror strategy?

29/09/21 13:42 to 14:07, (B) Rewrite the cearer bond page and send it to the prison lady. 2021-09-28 +EQT

  • Done, couple of follow up tasks added

29/09/21 14:07 to 14:16, (B) 2021-09-22 Work on: https://github.com/eQualityTime/CommuniKate/issues/5 +EQT

  • The next step is an email task.

29/09/21 14:16 to 14:25, (B) 2021-09-22 Work on: https://github.com/eQualityTime/Public/issues/77 +EQT

  • I wrote up the issue for putting on facebook/forums

29/09/21 14:25 to 15:19, (C) Working on https://github.com/eQualityTime/TheOpenVoiceFactory/issues/129 +EQT

29/09/21 15:21 to 15:24, (C) 2021-08-27 10 Phone the insurance octopus about the payments made

29/09/21 15:25 to 15:30, (C) 2021-09-22 map project:Develop WWW hubs and strengthen relationships +EQT

30/09/21 06:40 to 07:32, Hello. Emails +EQT

Today’s big focus is doing the eight solid hours.

01/10/21 06:44 to 08:36, +EQT Email

Including sorting out bank import, reconciliation, and reviewing

01/10/21 08:36 to 09:19, Working on https://github.com/eQualityTime/Home/issues/110 +EQT

01/10/21 09:19 to 09:42, Quickbooks +EQT

  • Reviewing reports for Trustees
    • The pie charts look good
  • Tidying up in Quickbooks, merging duplicate accounts and so on.

01/10/21 09:42 to 10:34, Working on https://github.com/eQualityTime/Public/issues/100 +EQT

01/10/21 10:35 to 10:52, Writing up notes +EQT

  • 2:35? That surely isn’t right…

01/10/21 10:55 to 11:38, +EQT Finance

  • Processing all the payslips, and messaging ST
  • Creating a new invoice For prison
  • and another invoice while I’m here.

01/10/21 11:38 to 11:47, Taking Stock +EQT

Reviewing what we are up to.

01/10/21 11:48 to 12:08, Break with kids

01/10/21 12:08 to 12:28, Reviewing todo list +EQT

  • INcludign some analytics
  • Wow - there are literally only 31 THINGs. That igor misfire worked out well.

01/10/21 12:28 to 12:52, Working on the WWW site +EQT

Asked a SE question at: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/69405451/css-media-only-screen-only-triggers-when-i-resize-window

01/10/21 13:25 to 14:17, White Water Writers site and spreadsheet +EQT

  • Working on spreadsheet
  • It needs some links added, but also, how do we add from here?
  • Unless it becomes part of the driver package.

  • And how to build in the contact lists
    • Like a database?
    • Books that go to schools, schools that go to staff?
    • Just an interested parties list really.
    • Maybe that’s what I’m building, an interested parties list. Maybe we do it the other way around.
  • Distracted by writing a SE question https://superuser.com/questions/1679271/arbitary-length-lookups-in-excel

Filling out the form… Starting to think it might be a VA job,

You know what. I think it is.

01/10/21 14:17 to 14:34, OVF code. +EQT

  • Investigated a bug that came in by email and couldn’t replicate so emailed the submitter (later: he emailed back - it was fixed in my last update) Starting a new exercise - I want to get rid of all the errors and warnings that come up when the CK20V2 file is processed, it doesn’t look great (and isn’t great) when the default template throws warnings.
  • started with fixing bits like extra print statements that are not needed.
    • And fixing my MS office subscription

01/10/21 14:34 to 14:57, Interrupt for children.

01/10/21 14:57 to 16:05, Back on the code. +EQT

  • Mostly working through the pptx file fixing links that go nowhere, or go to the wrong place, or have additional bits of messy images
  • Started a separate branch ‘fixwarnings’ for it (later: this turned out to be useful)
  • Started investigating this error: Feedback added :<class ‘KeyError’> EXCEPTION IN (/Users/Shared/git/TheOpenVoiceFactory/grid.py, LINE 117 “if shape.auto_shape_type == MSO_SHAPE.FOLDED_CORNER:”): ‘line’
    • Added various print statements and removed the exception handling and started to wonder if it’s a bug in the library

02/10/21 07:45 to 08:49, Good morning! Memory book time

Done, result. Just the TTS to do now and the other proofreaders.

05/10/21 06:00 to 07:21, Following up on KeyError +EQT

I’ve returned to the error I was investigating on Friday.

  • I’ve got an MCVE, but I should really test it on the latest version of the library.
    • Upgrading the library (from 0.6.18 to 0.6.21) might cause problems
    • I updated python-pptx with pip3 install –upgrade python-pptx
    • All tests pass
    • Will have to look into updating it online
    • Submitted the issue here: https://github.com/scanny/python-pptx/issues/749
    • added calendar event to check it out. (later: fixed a typo about versions)

05/10/21 07:30 to 07:56, Tracking a new icon error +EQT

Tracking a strange error (later: turned out to be a line I’d accidentally deleted

05/10/21 08:00 to 09:45, School run +Family

05/10/21 09:45 to 11:50, looking at WWW issue +EQT

  • There’s a bug with spaces in names
  • Sorted out vim on server
  • Driver
    • I’ve brought the driver under version control. Not storing it online yet.
    • I’ve improved the look of the create new camp
    • I’ve added Javascript validation to fix the actual problem
  • Camp
    • I did a hack to fix timezones, and while I was there I properly formatted the number of words.
    • Committed and pushed
    • Investigated titles
      • Wrote a script to grep them out.
      • Put it into update.py
      • Added it to dashboard for the foreseeable
      • Pushed

05/10/21 11:50 to 12:45, Back to fixing the warnings on the default template +EQT

  • We now output the correct slide number
  • Hmm, there is a new error.
    Feedback added :<class ‘AttributeError’> EXCEPTION IN (/Users/Shared/git/TheOpenVoiceFactory/grid.py, LINE 91 “if click_action.hyperlink.address is not None:”): ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘hyperlink’
    • I removed the offending issue from the pptx and also reordered the process_shape logic so that it will be easier to refactor later

05/10/21 13:02 to 14:41, Tidying up and pushing and updating OVF site +EQT

  • My changes broke the regression tests.
  • I’ve updated them, and changed how they are done so it’s easier to compare them in the future.
  • I’ve commented out the other test that was failing because it relates to a abandoned feature
  • Checked the changes to the pageset online
  • This git merge –squash (::git) turned out to be a really good way of making a faffy commit structure look much nicer. I like it and I want to use it again.
  • Updated the OVF site with the changes

05/10/21 14:41 to 14:47, Writing up notes +EQT

My day so far has involved two big coding projects, although neither were high priority they are both nice to have done.

05/10/21 14:47, Now time for a transition. Email? Delores?

I think Delores is probably for the best with 90 minutes to go.

05/10/21 14:48 to 14:59, Delores +EQT

05/10/21 14:59 to 15:07, Interrupt for +WWW +EQT

The book isn’t being written but the proof is? Hmmm. I don’t know how I fixed it, but it’s fixed.

05/10/21 15:07 to 15:50, Delores again +EQT

  • Ha! Going live - so much of the work I did today would have been great for it.
  • The last couple of days have been brilliant for putting hours in, but they haven’t really focused on anything in my long term plans have they?
  • Reviewing previous dates - I think that the automatic timesheet update has made this a bit better, but I should update that.
    • Some small updates to the annual leave calculator

05/10/21 15:50 to 16:23, (A) Check actions from last meeting +EQT

…and writing up a starting point.

What is a volunteer and what isn’t.

We define a volunteer in terms of responsibility and access. A bystander who helps us arrange tables before an event isn’t a volunteer, nor is someone who contributes to our open source projects. However someone who arranges the flowers for Flowers For Turing, or runs a white water writers camp certainly is. The difference in these cases is that the volunteer has been given some level of responsibility (which could be physical, financial or relate to information) - specifically someone is an eQuality Time Volunteer if we delegate some of the organisations own responsibility to them.

05/10/21 18:21 to 18:28, Personal look at delores

Added the kitchen

06/10/21 06:07 to 06:49, Delores +EQT

Learned that you can write php -S localhost:9000 to host for a php script. That’s going to be useful.

  • Processing this file

06/10/21 06:49 to 07:54, Clear email inbox +EQT

  • Responded to github issue :)
  • Taken out most of the personal one
  • Adjusted projects and ran igor.
  • I feel like this is taking a long time and that I should have absolutely knocked this on the head before 8am.
  • Setting up CSRG group
  • used loss-of-internet time to do some document tidying
  • Just started the trustees

06/10/21 08:00 to 10:14, Family and long school run.

06/10/21 10:15 to 12:33,gmail +EQT

  • EQT newsletter was 45 minutes
  • Phone call about white water writers
  • Working through the rest.
  • 4 left
  • Working on the insurance
  • Looking at etherpad
    • And aws in general
    • I mean, there’s a reasonable argument for spinning up on osx virtual machine and running everything through that… https://docs.aws.amazon.com/AmazonRDS/latest/UserGuide/CHAP_Tutorials.WebServerDB.CreateWebServer.html
    • But like, I’d like someone to talk to about it.

06/10/21 12:33 to 12:55, Finally getting calendar to work with Thunderbird +EQT

  • Tried some google script and then discovered that thunderbird just opens it.

    06/10/21 12:55 to 13:02, Ticking off first few tasks

06/10/21 13:03 to 13:43, (B) 2021-09-22 20 Go through child project documents and word things better around ‘volunteers’ @private on: https://github.com/eQualityTime/Home/issues/107 +EQT

I ended up rewriting it

06/10/21 13:44 to 14:01, General todo list. +EQT

06/10/21 14:02 to 14:13, Sorting out annual leave +EQT

06/10/21 14:14 to 14:15, Putting minutes in the right place +EQT

06/10/21 14:15 to 14:32, I’ve been writing up the VA THING +EQT

But I’m starting to think about doing this automatically.

I’ve got a set of folders. I want a loop that goes through the folders and pulls down every single info file. And then for every file it names it with the slug and extracts the title and the name of school.

That sounds like it would take me an hour and remove a lot of work for the VA. (later: three hours at least)

06/10/21 14:33 to 14:59, Working on https://github.com/equalitytime/public/issues/100 +EQT

06/10/21 15:02 to 16:47, working on https://github.com/eQualityTime/TheOpenVoiceFactory/issues/139 +EQT

07/10/21 06:02 to 07:48, Working on https://github.com/eQualityTime/Home/issues/108 +EQT

07/10/21 10:43 to 11:00, Starting +EQT

  • Writing up notes, mapping this project https://github.com/eQualityTime/TheOpenVoiceFactory/issues/139

07/10/21 11:03 to 16:05, Working on https://github.com/eQualityTime/Home/issues/108 +EQT

  • Lunch was made while long software THINGs were happening

07/10/21 16:05 to 16:44, Responding to https://github.com/scanny/python-pptx/issues/749 +EQT

07/10/21 16:26 to 16:41, Working on https://github.com/eQualityTime/Home/issues/108

07/10/21 16:44 to 17:09, Syncing vim bundles +EQT

  • Also dealing with an WWW issue
    • Have deleted a bunch of camps on server and culled the list.csv

08/10/21 05:57 to 06:43, +EQT

  • Sent someone an offer on upwork.
  • Sorted out vim submodules (will be easier to work on server now)

08/10/21 06:49 to 07:34, Working on https://github.com/eQualityTime/Home/issues/108 +EQT

  • Got a meeting today - should prep forthat.
  • But also should check that the spreadsheet is ready for my freelancer

08/10/21 07:34 to 07:54, accidental facebook…

08/10/21 07:58 to 09:40, Looking for funding +EQT

Found three and have put them in the system

08/10/21 09:40 to 09:57, Meeting prep (making tea, doing small emails) +EQT

08/10/21 10:00 to 11:55, Long pair of meetings +EQT

  • With lots of webdesign in the middle

08/10/21 12:04 to 12:24, More web but now done +EQT

  • Including fixing THINGs on mobile

08/10/21 12:24 to 12:25, Sorting upwork +EQT

  • Bug in the annual leave?
    • Yeah I hadn’t tagged something

08/10/21 19:25 to 19:39, +EQT sorting out quickbooks.

  • Sorted out an odd reconciliation issue.
  • Downloaded and reconciled
  • No unpaid bills remaining.
  • Nothing outstanding with amazon 1/10 was last reconcile

08/10/21 20:00 to 20:16, Completing Quickbooks +EQT

08/10/21 20:18 to 21:11, Battering the todo list +EQT

  • Removed the geographic restrictions on the project real ads
  • Added a social media focused ad
  • Got to say that if the code reorganisation works properly, then I don’t think I’m inclined to start from scratch with the python any more.
  • Reviewed some SE
  • Brought Dropbox down to local hard drive

08/10/21 21:11 to 22:08, OVF Code +EQT

  • I’m rearranging all the code in the OVF directory as a prelude to a serious rewrite.

11/10/21 10:59 to 12:49, Working on https://github.com/eQualityTime/TheOpenVoiceFactory/issues/139 +EQT

There are 1,931 lines of code (not including tests, php or scripts)! Broadly 600 each on the three big files. Feels like that’s a lot.

11/10/21 12:49 to 13:03, +EQT updated annual leave calculations

11/10/21 13:04 to 13:54, +EQT

x 2021-10-11 Offer dates to prison on: https://github.com/eQualityTime/Public/issues/134 +EQT x 2021-10-11 Pay fine x Drafted terms for Yvonne volenteer

11/10/21 13:55 to 15:50, Working on https://github.com/equalitytime/public/issues/100 +EQT

11/10/21 15:58 to 17:05, Working on Mail Merge Code +EQT

  • Just did something fucking pythonic. Created a partial function and used it in a list comprehension.
    • Had to get rid of it afterwards, but it was lovely.

11/10/21 19:43 to 21:34, Back on Mail Merge Code +EQT

  • Of 21 emails - 9 immediately bounced - but…
  • Reviewed this document
  • Properly brainstormed next steps for the MailMerge

11/10/21 21:35 to 21:49, What am I doing tomorrow? +EQT

Review of day

Another eight hours

12/10/21 06:02 to 06:41, Sorting Dropbox +EQT

  • It’s actually in reasonable shape
  • Written up these notes

12/10/21 06:41 to 07:58, +EQT Start Delores

Reviewing stack. Reviewing calendar

  • Turn Stack into todos
    • Sorted the artist letter
  • Telling francesca about the emails

12/10/21 09:40 to 09:54, +EQT hivemind question

12/10/21 11:09 to 12:45, More email +EQT

  • Renaming youtbue videos
  • Think about the best way of marking out camps that are coming up
  • Ended up with “Github issue until we have enought to matter”
  • Started of the accounts
  • Five left.
    • Have ended up sending invoices and doing reconciliation
  • Messaged trustees about funding bids
  • Altered vol policy.

12/10/21 13:01 to 13:17, Completing on email +EQT

12/10/21 13:30 to 13:47, Working on https://github.com/eQualityTime/Home/issues/111 +EQT

12/10/21 13:50 to 13:57, Social media break

12/10/21 13:57 to 14:15, +EQT trying to work out references

12/10/21 14:29 to 14:33, Review where I am +EQT

12/10/21 14:34 to 15:28, Let’s do some relaxing refactoring +EQT

  • After a lot of faff it became clear this was about the tests
  • Created a seperate branch to try and create OBZ tests

12/10/21 15:28 to 15:36, New branch +EQT

I’ve realised that I need to do refactoring to get the tests to work!

  • Here’s the problem - my write_to_obf file expects three different subfolders, and the paths are really inconsistent about what writes to where.
    • Sometimes ‘data’ is part of the path
    • Images are in a different directory

12/10/21 15:44 to 17:15, Paper reading group. +EQT (networking)

12/10/21 17:56 to 18:05, Seeing if I can do the THING about the icons +EQT

12/10/21 18:22 to 18:32, Back +EQT Interupt for looking at leave

12/10/21 18:44 to 18:48, more on leave +EQT

12/10/21 19:07 to 19:39, Back to code +EQT

Starting by putting generated icons in images rather than icons. Ended up with an issue about images appearing at all Used ng serve in anger for the first time

12/10/21 20:00 to 20:57, Had a meeting +EQT

13/10/21 06:27 to 07:59, Right let’s get back to that code +EQT

  • I want to do a big overhaul of the code, but I don’t want to break anything
  • I have regression tests, but only for the json output - not the obz, and the obz is a big part of this.
  • SE recommends that I hash the obz files and compare, but that’s going to take ages. However, it’s also a good start
    • I can add more complex testing once this is done.
  • However, to produce decent hashing, I have to refactor! because the code requires a silly and complex file structure to exist.
  • So I’m very carefully doing the first refactor to allow regression tests for a proper refacor
    • Changed ‘icons’ to ‘images’ so everything was in the right directory’
    • Made sure that the directory was only hardcoded in one place.
    • Created a hash file function

13/10/21 09:42 to 10:31, Hello +EQT

  • Found a genuine annoying bug about commas in special commands
    • The issue is that one can have place(“, this”) but my code things that’s a subcommand, sigh.
    • I should write a proper test - it’s the right thing to do and would a fuckton faster
    • Once I started writing tests I found a bunch of edge cases I never coded for. so now six tests don’t work.
    • Okay we are on regressiontestsinobf and we would like to merge only bff2fe1ac4790d7026eb28ce85a08a4d490eaee7 (and for the hell of it, 7652c849a315f8a6bd9f4cec9d77c0b140db6288 )
    • Oh wow! It worked a lot better when I chose the right commits!

13/10/21 10:31 to 11:28, Yet another new branch +EQT

Now we’ve written the tests, we open yet another branch (from main) to fix them.

  • Fixed some tests with basic changes.
  • Tried csv for a while until I realised that csv wants the quote directly after the delimiater),
  • we know the delimiter will be “)\s,” so I put it in a regualar expression
  • Merged (with squash, because I got careless) into master, all tests passing
  • Then patched into the current branch - and as the interent warned me, some of the cherry picked branches appear more than once…

13/10/21 11:29 to 12:29, back to the obf regression +EQT

  • Yeah, this is a screwed up log file
  • Failing 10 tests, but that means that the process command ones are owrking
  • Running generate regressions again. (I stopped earlier because of the process coammands bug)
  • I can generate them
  • I’m now running a test to test them, but I think it’s slow.
    • Taking 30 seconds to run fail first one. :( probably ended up as a five minute test suite. That’s definitely too long
  • Er, I’m getting a different hash every time…
    • Is it because of the ordering? No - it’s always the same first file… o
  • let’s try something else - there’s 411 boards in the damn folder now. So why not work through them.
  • Find the files and compare the json
    • Trying that now…
    • Making an alteration to see if ther is a fail.
    • There was a fail - but it was two minutes for two files!
    • Damnit - it’s NOT going to work! The files are over the top of each other!
      • Like, it will work with exactly one pptx

13/10/21 12:29 to 13:31, back to the drawing board. +EQT

What’s the best way of doing this?

  • Get generate to write the output to invidivual directories.
  • Tests take 247/259 seconds - that’s far too long but it’s what I have
  • I’ve added to the main approach and I’ve rebased so that the history is reasonably clean.

I should remember that I’ve made a fair amount of progress in this sprint

  • Localcreate is better
  • Handling of special commands is better
  • internal handling of Where Files Are is better
  • Regression tests exist

However, I now need a break - overall I don’t think I’ll be continuing with the interupted refactoring branch - it will be easier to rerefactor (and add proper tests as THINGs arrive) from here.

13/10/21 13:31 to 14:10, +EQT adding todos for refactoring - mostly to grid and pageset

13/10/21 14:10, Lunch

13/10/21 14:20 to 15:24, Brainstorming +EQT

13/10/21 15:24 to 16:26, I think I’m going to build a funding bid engine +EQT

  • Wow - it was 40 minutes to simply copy accross all the questions! How many are there?
    • There are 46 individual questions to write up. That’s incredible.
    • Like, that’s 10,000 words of answers to come up with.

Do we think I could do it in a day? With this new approach?

Currently I have 3,700 words, and I think we might be copy pasting some others.

  • Another 15 minutes and I found I was getting into it. Another eight hours.

14/10/21 06:39 to 07:57, +EQT working on https://github.com/equalitytime/public/issues/100

  • One annoyance is that when split questions I have to go back to the original document and split there. There’s probably a better way to do that
    Later: It was a little confusion putting the texts in, but I imagine will get better. (Hopefully)
  • I want to update the css - it looks fugly
  • fixed a typo on the Flowers For Turing Page (I was looking up better css)

14/10/21 10:57 to 12:14, +EQT working on https://github.com/equalitytime/public/issues/100

14/10/21 12:14 to 12:45, Delivering Leo’s thing

14/10/21 12:45 to 12:52, +EQT working on https://github.com/equalitytime/public/issues/100

14/10/21 12:52 to 13:11, Fix the issue with iphone display of WWW site +EQT

14/10/21 13:26 to 14:28, +EQT working on https://github.com/equalitytime/public/issues/100

I’ve been sorting out:

  • CV
  • Budget
  • Policies
  • Risk assessment (JUST finding)

14/10/21 14:28 to 17:07, https://github.com/eQualityTime/TheOpenVoiceFactory/issues/140 +EQT

Change of pace - coding as a break Getting into a nice rhythms of adding a bunch of todos and then working through them gradually. Grid.py is certainly looking nicer

14/10/21 18:49 to 19:05, +EQT working on https://github.com/equalitytime/public/issues/100

14/10/21 19:29 to 19:57, +EQT working on https://github.com/equalitytime/public/issues/100

  • Sent to Yvonne :)

14/10/21 19:57 to 20:34, Tidy up this file for a while +EQT